Arsenal Crisis – What Crisis

The media has gone mad about Arsenal losing three players whilst their rivals are active in the transfer market.  The media have Arsenal fans in despair, failure to re-new season tickets and August will be a month of disaster for Arsenal.

Hearing all this wonder what the point of next season really is?

Let’s analyse the big spenders Manchester United.  They have been active in the market, that is correct, but who have they bought?

Phil Jones is a 19 year-old centre back who will not become a regular for Manchester United for another 2 years, so they forked out £20M on a player who is probably on par with Kyle Bartley.  Bartley will be given his chance in our Far East tour and Wenger will decide if he is ready for this season or next. Either way, there is nothing between Jones or Bartley, but because Bartley is an Arsenal player he will be classed an inexperienced youngster, whilst Jones will be showered with compliments by the media.

Manchester United’s second purchase was the unreliable Ashley Young for £17M.  Young is not as good as Walcott, yet the media again is crowing as how Ferguson has got the perfect player, whilst hey are paying him £130K a week, Ashley Young is only worth £65K a week at most.

Finally Ferguson spent £17M on Da Gea, a young goalkeeper from Atletico Madrid.  The prefect goalkeeper again the media says in awe of Ferguson.  Arsenal bought a young goalkeeper a few years ago and last season we saw what Szczesny is capable of, we do not need Da Gea.  Again the media ignore this fact.

Liverpool spent £20M on Jordan Henderson, a player that is not as good as either Ramsey or Wilshere, but that is ignored by the media.

The media is making stories about Arsenal as a club in crisis, players are leaving, nobody joining, and Arsenal will fall out of the top four.  Well let’s see who Wenger brings in before we go the Far East and then see who comes in prior to the Emirates Cup.

It is always a shame to lose players, but all clubs evolve and move on.  Nasri, Fabregas nor Clichy are stellar players as were Henry, Vieira, Pires and Bergkamp. It will be easier to replace Nasri, Fabregas and Clichy and the club will be stronger next season.

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  1. I agree totally with what you posted but I must confess I’m not comfortable with wenger’s silence in the transfer market at all.

  2. northbanklegend u are crazy, easier to replace fabregas. he had his worst season last year with 9 goals and 17 assists. are u serious;u telling me their is not a crisis. u deluded imbecile

  3. young is far far better than walcot in any case why are u interested in u neighbors problems than looking at u own house that is on fire.

  4. adeniyi tunde


  5. You are optimistic. you might as well bloody hell become Arsenal manager!

  6. good post showing alot of sense , no need to worry about arsenal

  7. “it will be easier to replace our good players”

    Who will replace ? AW is going to replace those players. If anybody think so, they are stupid.
    I think this bloody wenger is trying to make maximum profit from his last season in Arsenal.

    This fucker is not going to do anything. He will cheat fans again, as he has been doing for last couple of years.

  8. Walcott is in no way better then young and de gea is an awesome gk who will be a starter and the next casillas

  9. thats how the media and the Arsenal HATERS like to bash us.

  10. spot on mate the media seem to love Arsenal. At the end of the day thank Fab for his service and sell Nasri he is overated. Only good for 3months last season and shit the season b4. He dribbles round like a little fool. As for clichy didnt u all want him gone 4 like the last 3 seasons. So we might have problems replacing Fab but we are far from in a Crisis. Verm to play left bk next season and Ramsey n Jack in the middle. Trust Wenger he will find replacments, he found them 3 did’nt he? I fancy Arshavin in the middle next season as well go Gunners…..

  11. I support the article, but in days like this one i feel sorry to be an arsenal fan, not because of the team, the manager or the cub philosophy, No, it is because of my pairs, stupid fans who are incapable of support a team no matter what. every transfer window is the same story: fabregas leaving, wenger is an incompetent, and we will loose the top 4 position… arent you tired of the same stupidity?

    the man said that he will buy, the transfer window has been open for two days, give yourselves a rest, enjoy hollydays and admire the manager of the decade.

  12. it has been 6yrs without any trophy. and the reason is selling prayers. selling viera, framini and others is the only reason to why Arsenal got nothing. wenger was not supposed to sell but to buld, by buying.

    so what we are going to do as fans, if to give up to wash Arsenal and join other clubs that makes us happy. enough of craying

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