Clichy Leaves – Rejoice

So Clichy has left and gone to Manchester City for £7M and apart from Arsenal fans nobody is crying over this departure.

When Gael first burst onto the scene we thought we found the perfect replacement for Ashley Cole, and whilst Clichy had speed to close players down, he offered little going forward.  Look at the number of goals he scored in his Arsenal career, 1.  Clichy failed to get into the penalty area unlike Cole who liked nothing better than to be in the area looking for a far post goal.

All the fuss this summer has been about Wenger getting Nasri to sign a new contract, there have been no press stories about Clichy being offered a new contract.  There have been some reports that Clichy was not even offered a new contract.

Wenger has looked as the sleepy performances by Clichy, the number of goals given away by Clichy’s sloppy marking or the number of times he has given the ball away and has decided you can go.

At the club we have Kierran Gibbs, a more attacking player than Clichy will ever be, a great deliverer of the ball and a player who will look to score.  Gibbs is as good a defender as Clichy is and will only get better.  More importantly Gibbs is English and has come through the Arsenal ranks, so the club means more to him than it does for too many of our foreign mercenaries.  Gibbs just needs to be injury free and by December we will not even remember Clichy.

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  1. good for we gunners

  2. i hope you are right ,i just think we need to sign an experienced right back.

  3. atlast some blog which makes some sense.i was thinking exactly the same.wenger would never say in public that he wants to sell clichy.that would have lowered his value even more.and even i dont think he had been offered a new contract let alone an improved one.wenger surely would have said to him in private that he is done with his services and he should start looking for a new club.thats why the things went so smooth.i bet this will be plain to see when nasri saga come to an end because wenger does want to keep him.and by the way the one clichy goal wasnt even a clear cut took 2 wicked deflections in the way.gibbs surely would be much better offensively but i think he is still not ready.he has been so unlucky with injuries in past 2 years.he could have progressed so much in last two years but the luck wasn’t on his side.i hope he does well in the preseason and wenger does not need to buy a new LB

  4. Hahahahaha very ridiculous to say Gibbs is better than Gael……..Pliz we understand your disappointment but don’t begin compesating your problems but just accept them and look forward on how to improve but if u don’t do that the club will be relegated within the next two seasons.

  5. and please don’t use that word ‘foreign mercenaries’.i too am a foreigner it makes me feel so outsider.

  6. Gunnahuntyall from 606


  7. we nid a perfect replacement,verthogen is my best optionwe nid a perfect replacement,verthogen is my best option

  8. Roni…learn to spell before you make pompous and ignorant statements like your moronic comments above.
    Clichy is one less on the 25 senior player list and one less foreign player to worry about. That means we can bring Gibbs onto the 25 players list (British). AW will now likely bring in a CB and a striker,if Nasri & Cesc stay, if not he’ll keep Bendtner,bring Vela in and maybe add another midfielder to the Ramsey,Wilshere,Song mix. Cesc has a long term contract and so far has not handed in a transfer request so it is actually only Nasri who is questionable. My guess is that he’s playing the ¨who will blink first¨game with AW and Arsene has sent him a message that he will trade those who hesitate too long in signing a contract, as they’ll leave on a free anyway next summer.
    AW is playing a waiting game with his prime targets as he wants to avoid an auction with Shitty,Barca or Real and also wants to keep everyone (including our fans) guessing. He has always done this and by so doing never paid over prime for any player. Who are we to second-guess him?

  9. “Gibbs is as good a defender as Clichy is and will only get better.”
    Bullshit. He will get better, but he is not on clichy’s level currently. He was appalling in every game he played this season.

    “More importantly Gibbs is English and has come through the Arsenal ranks, so the club means more to him than it does for too many of our foreign mercenaries”
    You mean like Cole and Bentley? Wilshere is the only one with the required quality who has shown the personality to appreciate this club (even though it’s still early days), but he’s a rarity. I don’t expect Gibbs to be like Cole and Bentley, but I think it’s fair to say the idea that these kids will be loyal to the club just because they came through from a young age is fallacious (didn’t Gibbs start at Wimbledon anyway?).

    “Gibbs just needs to be injury free and by December we will not even remember Clichy.”
    Bit of a stretch. Even IF he stays injury free (which is far from guaranteed) we will be missing gael very soon if he has another season like this one. Frankly I think Traore would be a better bet than Gibbs at this point.

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