This Could be Start of the End – Wenger

Dateline 22 January 2012, this date will go down in history, it is the date the fans at the Emirates turned on Arsene Wenger.

The fans booed the team off at half-time and were rewarded when youngster Nico Yennaris replaced the hapless and hopeless Djourou who becomes a bigger liability every time he puts on an Arsenal shirt.  Wenger was decisive with his first substitution, but his second left everyone at the Emirates, including his captain van Persie totally bemused and unimpressed.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was causing the Manchester United defence problems with his direct and physical running.  Every time he got the ball there was a buzz in the ground and fear amongst the United defence.  It was one of these runs that Chamberlain passed the ball to van Persie which led to the equaliser.  Arsenal had the wind behind them and Oxlade-Chamberlain had the key to unlock the United defence. Then disaster.

Arsenal had been preparing to bring on Arshavin and Park, yes he does actually play football, but when we equalised the substitutions were put on hold.  Then Wenger played his card, Arshavin to replace Oxlade-Chamberlain.  As one the Emirates faithful turned on Wenger, boos echoed around the stadium and the boos were a sign of disgust for the decision.  Then the crowd shouted at Wenger “ you don’t know what you’re doing”, the only surprise is that this was the first time this was directed at Wenger who appears to have lost the plot this season.

Never have the Arsenal fans showed so open hostility towards Le Professor as today and they were justified, as within 8 minutes, Arshavin failed to make a challenge on Valencia and United took the lead.

Later Wenger refused to justify his decision “Oxlade-Chamberlain had started to fatigue, started to stretch his calf, and was not used to the intensity. He was sick on Sunday night during the week. Arshavin is captain of the Russia national team. I have to justify [substituting] a guy of 18 who’s playing his second or third game? “

This is the usual Wenger rubbish, players getting tired; I don’t think he understands sports psychology.  A manager’s job is to encourage his players not give them reasons to play below par.  This was the same man who claimed last season that Chamakh  was finding it hard to adjust to the Premiership, after scoring countless goals.  Following Wenger’s comments, Chamakh has been a pale shadow of the striker we signed last season.

Was it just the fans that were not happy, no van Persie, our remaining world class player, our talisman and captain  clearly showed what he thought of the decision too.

Wenger was losing the fans this season, with pathetic transfers in the summer, a lame start to the season, a series of away defeats and the same old excuses, but his substitution today has lost him the Emirates crowd too.  Whilst discontent was mostly restricted to internet forums, this has now spread to the Emirates, previously a bastion of loyal support for Wenger.

Arsenal fans are not content with merely qualify for the Champions League, Arsenal fans want to compete for the title every season.  Arsenal fans do not accept Champions League qualification in lieu of trophies; we want trophies and Champions League qualifications.

If Wenger and the board  believe we will settle for another trophy less season, and non-qualification for the Champions League coupled with mediocre football, then they will have a few nasty months coming up.

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  1. Excellent article i agree with almost everything!

  2. We are tired of lame excuses every time arsenal lost a game, that it was the poor decision from the referee,fatigue of players and so on it’s like we’re not competing we’re just participants every season what kind of a team is that?

  3. Sulaiman Ayoola

    I dont no what wrong with Prof. now are days. He used his own spoil all the fans, for the 3 match lost now is badly tactics he use. see match before Man U Arsen has Rosicky in squad and belief Benayoun can do a better for that mid field. until wil got fire his now think he make mistake put Rosicky on bench.
    I want Prof Arsen no that if the club is not be in top 4 dis season, he is the one to stand for it.

  4. Give hell to them all.Hav bin ashamed of d Emirate fans for sumtime nw coz of lack of voice.Long may dat cntinue until Arsene changes

  5. I have always seen this coming for some years now, and with the way AW and his unambitious cohorts are going. . . Dooms day is yet to come. You cannot expect to buy average players only to sell them after they become stars and then expect to win trophies?

    It just would not happen cos Arsenal will continue rebuild every season. Top four position will be a mirage for Arsenal this season. Sad!!

  6. Agree completely, he just can’t cut the mustard anymore.

    I think he has done amazingly for the club and will always be remembered but every diog has its day and its time for a new approach.

    The only problem is that Wenger is part of the problem but the board are more. Until we get rid of theat free riding Kroenke nothing will change..

  7. wonderful article i whish the fans booed him for the rest of the season, i mean seven years its to dame long, enough is enough, we are not wining trophies we are not playing a butiful foot ball any more and now we will loss champions league, but the club is rich and the board is happy but what is for the fans ha nothing

  8. Sack that fuckking fool!!!

  9. I wish AW shuts up. Enough is enough. Better he goes back and be a professor in his home town.

  10. Well said. The management has reduced a world class team to tatters.

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