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Arshavin Signs

The saga is over and Arshavin is an Arsenal player.

 Zenit have succumbed to the inevitable and agreed to his sale for £12m. Zenit touted the player all summer for £20m, a figure that tantalised Chelsea, Barcelona, and Spurs, but in the end a figure that was deemed too much for the Russian playmaker. In the winter window, there was only one taker- Arsenal. Arsenal played hardball and told Zenit here is our offer take it or leave it, with no other team showing an interest Zenit reluctantly agreed to the offer.

What will this do for Arsenal? Well it lays to bed the myth that we are financially hamstrung, it puts and end to Wenger’s trend of buying young players and trying to gel them together.

What will the Russian’s arrival do for our on-field performances? Well Arshavin is a creator, he will score goals, and he will add experience to a very young midfield. Arshavin will give Wenger the opportunity to rest the likes of Nasri and Walcott. He will be heavily involved with our Premiership games, as he is cup tied for the Champions League.

Arshavin will be the boost we all need fans and players.  We have been bereft of ideas in recent games and might be the player to start to unlock tight and stubbonr defences.  He will take the pressure off Nasri who is our only creator at the moment. 

Wenger was desperate for Arshavin, he knew he was the key to our season, as he stated in his pre-match interview on Friday.


“He’s a guy who can go past people in the final third,” said the manager. “He can have the key, individually and collectively.


“He is an experienced player, 27, a good age and we are a very young side. We will not have Fabregas in the next six to eight weeks; we will not have Walcott in the next five weeks, Rosicky in the next eight weeks.


“You can see with the replay of the FA Cup we have the desire to do well in every competition and one more body could help us.”

Let’s hope that Andrei’s arrival can lift some of the gloom and despondancy that has been hanging over the Emirates in recent months.



There has been some confusion as to whether or not we have concluded the deal, well the answer is yes, Arshavin is ours.

Wenger was quoted on Sky Sports News as saying: “We will make an announcement tonight. Yes, it will be a positive announcement. Yes, it will go through.”

Sources at Arsenal are saying he has signed a contract until 2012 and he will wear the number 13 shirt.

Arshavin Deal Now Agreed

Having spent the morning in total disgust at the boards failure to sort out the Arshavin deal, reports coming out of the Emirates claim that Arsenal and Zenit have agreed the fee, Arsenal and Arshavin have agreed personal terms, what is left to sort out is the repayment of part of Arshavin’s signing on fee back to Zenit.

A  way out will be us to increase his own signing on fee and he pays them what they want.  Arshavin is still in London having passed a medical.

Now we have two hours left to conclude the deal.

Zenit Agree to Sell!!

The long saga involving Arshavin, Zenit and Arsenal appears to coming to an end.  Zenit posted a notice on their own website confirming that a fee has been agreed,

“Negotiations between FC Zenit and Arsenal over the transfer of Andrei Arshavin continue. Both clubs have agreed on the figure that reflects the real market value of the player.

Currently the main obstacle for completing the deal became Arshavin’s personal requirements. The player and his agent request such wages, that the Arsenal management is not ready to offer. And at present time Arsenal can consider paying Arshavin these wages only at the expense of the transfer cost.

In his turn, Arshavin, who doesn’t intend to lower his demands on the conditions of his personal contract, is slowing down the negotiation process, thus putting the achieved agreement between the clubs at risk.

FC Zenit confirms its willingness to complete the deal. The club is continuing negotiations by offering one more alternative. It is possible to lower the transfer cost, if Arshavin pays compensation for canceling the 4-year agreement.

In 2006 he was paid a granted payment of €5 mln for signing the long term contract. If the player decides to annul the contract before the expiration date, he can pay back half of the granted payment (€2.5 mln) and this money will be included in the transfer cost.”

So now it appears that it is down to Arshavin’s wage demands, but as both he and his agent have made their intentions clear that Arsenal is their desired destination this should not be an insurmountabletask. Arsenal would not have entered talks with Zenit, without an indication that they can meet Arshavin’s personal demands.

The deal is expected to go through within the next 72 hours and he could make his debut in the North London derby.

Arshavin not a Gooner

As we head closer to Arsenal’s Monday deadline, there is no sign of the Russian joining Arsenal.  Znit are sticking to their guns and demanding £20m, Arsenal have offered £12m plus £3m.  We now have an impasse.

The player wants to join Arsenal, Arsenal want the player and Zenit want the transfer to go through.  The problem is money and now Zenit have said if Arsenal do not increase their offer today, the deal is off! This is a pre-emptive strike by a team that has already been given an ultimatum.

Zenit have tried to sell Arshavin for £20m in transfer windows, with no takers, maybe that should be an indication  to the Russians that nobody is prepared to pay this sum of money.

Arsenal will not be bullied by the Russians and Wenger will walk away from this Putinesque style of negotiations.  Arshavin would have been a good signing, but with the return to form of Bendtner, the return of Eduardo and Walcott just a few weeks from full fitness, Wenger might decide that the squad is good enough to clinch 4th place or higher in the league and to earn some silverware.

Either way Arsenal will be the winners, either with Arshavin at £12m or not being bullied by the Russians and entering a frantic auction for a player that is not a season-breaker.