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Arsenal Make Enquiries About Veloso

Arsenal should be after a midfielder. 

Gareth Barry was priced out of everyone’s price bracket when Manchester City offered him £130,000 a week.  This is double what Arsenal would have even thought of offering the England international.

Yaya Toure is the old chestnut that never goes away; look out for the Steven Appiah stories to emerge soon! Yaya’s agent states that Arsenal’s offer last season in terms of wages was not enough.   This story goes to back-up the stories in the British press that the board vetoed any wages in excess of £50,000 a week.  The agent has said that he will not come to Arsenal on that basis.  So we either increase our offer or say goodbye once and for all to Yaya coming to Arsenal.

Last night Sky Sports News ran a story saying that Miguel Veloso will be leaving Sporting Lisbon and will be coming to the Premier League. A sub-story said that Manchester City and Arsenal have both made enquiries about the player.  What does enquiry mean?  It could be a phone call about his status, it could be and enquiry about the asking price or it could be a tentative offer.  It is great that Arsenal are looking at Veloso who is a better player than Denilson, Song and Diaby.  The only problem is Manchester City are again sniffing around one of our targets.

Veloso will be a great addition to our squad and we know the price is around £12 million as this is what Bolton were prepared to pay in January.