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Arsenal Plot Tottenham’s Downfall

Tottenham’s recent problems are down to one mane and one man only Wenger.


It is no secret that over the years Arsenal Football Club has been trying to undermine the North London rivals, from moving to their own “backyard”, to having a station renamed after the club, Arsenal have been getting under Tottenham’s skin. 


In the 1970’s Arsenal parachuted former Arsenal favourite Terry Neil to mastermind the demise of Spurs. Neil failed in this task and the Spurs hierarchy realised what was happening, but Neil had laid the foundations, and Spurs were soon to be relegated.


Another former Arsenal player and manager, George Graham, took the reigns at White Hart Lane in the 1990s. Spurs fans despised him; especially as he held shares, Arsenal and his garden had an Arsenal badge. George was cunning; he won Spurs a trophy to mask his real mission, relegation from the Premier League. His plan went wrong when a new chairman sacked him.


This was not the end of Arsenal’s involvement with the demise of Spurs.  Arsenal had used Danmen Comolli as chief European scout for seven years. The plan was easy, Spurs were looking of a Director of Football, Comolli had all the credentials, and he had brought the likes of Anelka, Vieira, and Clichy to Arsenal, more importantly he was armed with Wenger’s “hit-list. Levy fell for it completely. Along came a host Arsenal “targets”, Didier Zokorra the best enforcer in France football, Benoit Assou-Ekotto the best hopeful in France football, Adel Tarabt the best left back in France football, Younes Kaboul the best centre back in France, Kevin-Prince Boateng the best midfielder in Germany. Comolli was getting all these players for Martin Jol and Jol loved it, he was signing off on all transfer, thus there was no paper trail to Arsenal man at the Lane. The inevitable happened, Jol was sacked, and Comolli whispered into Levy’s ear that the right man was Ramos.


Ramos had done well in Spain, where he had no involvement in buying players, and where everyone spoke Spanish. Comolli knew that Ramos would be unable to learn English and scene was set for another summer of transfers. Comolli hand convinced Ramos that Keane was a has-been, Berbatov is a moody player, and bad for team morale, so out went Spurs two main goal scorers for the last two years and in came an overrated Russian and a diminutive Mexican.


Comolli needs to hang around until the January window to help the new Tottenham manager make a few more “astute” signings before he leaves and resumes his role as Arsenal’s chief European scout.

Chelsea are Champions – Arsenal Struggling?

After one week-end the pundits are all lauding Chelsea, they are unbeatable, unstoppable, we might as well give them the league now. It is interesting to see how the media have taken to writing us off after one game, even though we won, whilst others who have had a bad week-end have had their misfortunes ignored.


Whilst Chelsea got off to a convincing win against a hapless Portsmouth, Arsenal came in for most criticism from the media. We have an inability to score, our strikers are wasteful, Adebayor has no ball control, and the fans are booing him and all this after just one game. What the media fails to understand is that we won a game against a promoted team; these teams tend to play their best football in the first few weeks of the season. We were in control throughout and were without several key players, Eduardo, Rosicky, and Fabregas. None of this matters for the press who are annoyed that Wenger refuses to spend £20M on one player and use this as an excuse as to why we will not ain anything.


Later that day Liverpool struggled to beat Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. Torres was a shadow of himself and Keane was not happy at being substituted (get used to it Robbie), yet the press thought this was a good start Liverpool!


As for the beloved Manchester United, their 1-1 draw with Newcastle was swept under the carpet. This is what United did last season and went on to win the League and Champions League, so it is ok for them to drop points; also, they have their golden boy Ronaldo back in six weeks so nobody is fretting. The fact that their performance was below par, and by the time Ronaldo even considers coming back to play for United, they have to travel to Portsmouth, Liverpool and Chelsea is ignored by the Mancunian loving media. Had Arsenal failed to beat West Brom it would have been classed as the end of Arsenal as a force in Premier League.


Then we have the perennial 4th place challengers, Tottenham. When will they learn?  Last season big Martin Jol spent a small fortune in the summer to challenge for 4th place, only to see the might Spurs rock bottom and struggling after a few games. This season Juande Ramos has spent £50M on players this summer, got rid of on of their top goal-scorers, and had the other one sulking on the bench, dreaming of the Manchester sun. The result and 2-1 defeat to low-spending Middlesbrough. The press reaction, muted, Juande’s reaction, we are on the right track!


It appears that there is a concerted effort this season criticise Arsenal at every opportunity, from the lack of transfers, lack of English players, the credit crunch and its impact on our finances to the inability to playing fast flowing football for the full 90 minutes in a game. We all know we need to improve our passing, add a player or two and kill teams off, but this will all come together soon and then maybe the negative attention will be focused where it should be , Spurs’ waste of yet another £50M, Wayne Rooney’s attitude to referees and the shambles known as Liverpool FC.