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Bendtner to Leave – Mata Closer to Signing & Jagielka Increased Offer

Another day of excitement for Arsenal in the transfer market without anything actually happening!

Mata has been reported to have tied his colours to the Arsenal mast and rejected Harry Redknapp’s overtures, and nobody actually blames him.  Spurs have had their one season In the Champions League, the DVD Box Set has been produced to keep the fans sweet, whilst Arsenal with the acquisition of players like Mata and keeping van Persie fit will challenge for the title next season.

Reports in The Times state that we are going to increase our offer for Jagielka to £13M, this might be more acceptable to Everton, but I still question whether Jagielka is the man for us.

There have been more links with Benzema.  It is rumoured that Real Madrid are interested in Tevez and would need to clear out a few players to raise the funds and the wages. The fee is thought to be around £25M for the France striker.  This is a player who Wenger rates highly and it could be another Henry situation, whereby his move from France was not a success and Wenger moves in to offer him an escape route.

On the departure front despite the many announcements that Eboue has agreed terms with Galatasaray, there has been no announcement from wither club or player, but a £4m deal has been mentioned in several places.

Antoher player about to leave is our Denmark striker Niklas Bendtner who has been excused from playing a part in our pre-season friendlies to look for another club.  Both the Metro and Correio da Manhã have stated that Bendtner is in Portugal and will be unveiled as a Sporting Lisbon player.  The fee thought to be In the region of £9M.  Bentdner has been slated by many, but we must also ask ourselves was he really given the chance to play in his favourite position, a central striker? Too often he as asked to play out on the wing, when his threat was more aerial and holding the ball.

Another want-away star is left kicking his heals training with the reserves and youth team, this is our illustrious and respectful captain who is also nursing an injury.  His beloved Barcelona are not prepared to meet the asking price £35M-£40M.  Barcelona are digging in their heals because Arsenal signed Cesc from Barcelona for a nominal fee they are of the opinion that they do not have to pay the asking price. Arsenal fans are resigned to losing Cesc this summer, we just want it sorted out sooner rather than later.

Arsenal’s big week-end is just two days away and Arsenal fans would love to see Mata and a defender unveiled on Saturday before the tournament starts.




Cesc Talks About His Frustrations

In an interview with The Sun, Cesc made some statements which of course are interpreted as him wishing to leave.  He is not the only person who is frustrated at the lack of silverware; there are several million Arsenal fans who want silverware.

“The absence of titles at Arsenal is what angers me the most. Cristiano Ronaldo said he’s leaving Manchester United because he had nothing else to win. For me right now it is the exact opposite, seeing the impotence,” the playmaker and club captain said.


“This year we wanted [the title], we were giving everything – but we couldn’t reach the level that everyone expected of Arsenal. When you win, you’re well. But when you don’t, everyone is in a bad mood. For four years now, we’ve needed a title to regain our belief in ourselves,” he added.

Last season was frustrating for all of us as it was disrupted by injuries to key players at the same time, Fabregas, Walcott, Rosicky, Adebayor and Eduardo.  I challenge any team to cope with so many players out injured.

What was overlooked was Fabregas statement that he would not try and engineer a move away from Arsenal; he will front Wenger and ask for a move.

“If one day I’m not happy, I am the first who will tell the manager. I admire Arsene Wenger but each of us has his own life and looks after his own interests.”


This underlines the fact that despite being annoyed at things, he can see things happening at Arsenal, he can see that last season was a freak season in terms of injuries and we are heading in the right direction.

“Of course my family would understand if I signed for Real Madrid because they love me, they want me to be happy and what is best for me. They’d support me – whichever club I joined. My family will always be there for me – whatever decision I make. They’re the ones who are always by my side.”

“At the moment it’s not happened so I don’t have to choose. For any player it gives great pride that those two clubs come to sign him. It would be a difficult choice,” he added.

In line with most Spanish players or South Americans the lure of Real Madrid or

Barcelona is too much to resist.  It is the dream of all these boys to play for one of the big two.  It is no surprise to have Cesc make references to these tow clubs at virtually every interview.  We all know deep down that we will lose Cesc to either Real or Barcelona within the next 2-3 years; this should not come as a major shock.  Look at Maschareno and Alonso, the attraction of these two teams is too much for these seasoned players to resists so how do we expect Cesc to say no.  

The ultimate decision as to whether Cesc leaves is down to Arsene Wenger.  Other than Anelka, no player has left Arsenal other than on terms that suited Arsene Wenger.  As Wenger has made it clear that none of his “stars” will be leaving this summer, I would be shocked to see Wenger accept any offer from Real Madrid for Cesc.

This is a classic non-story story.

Lets Go Shopping at the Bernebeu

Real Madrid are going on a massive spending spree, first Kaka, now Ronaldo and there will be one more “galactico” before Perez starts to look at squad players.  Real have borrowed money from the banks (I do not hear any cries of foul play from Platini over the debt at Real Madrid), but his is not a bottomless pit and sooner or later they will have to listen to offers for their players.

There are already stories of van Nistelrooy being touted around the Premier League, but there are other players that Real may also be amenable to letting go.

Christophe Metzelder

A rugged centre back who joined Real from Borrusia Dortmund in 2007.  His time at Real has been blighted by injuries and he has made only 24 appearances.  Real may be prepared to let the German international and at 29 years old he could be the experience we need at the back.

Mohamadou Diarra

I do not know where he is terms of recovery from his injury, but Real have former Arsenal player Lassana Diarra who does a similar job to Mohamandou.  At 28 years old, he could be the perfect player for us as he plays in that infamous defensive midfield role; again he has been compared to Vieira and Makelele, who is not these days. Real could be willing to listen to offers for the Mali midfielder who joined them from Lyons.

Royston Drenthe

Royston came to the front during the last under-21 championships and Real soon snapped him up.   Drenthe can play at either left-back or left-wing.  His opportunities will be limited at Real next season with Ronaldo looking to tie up the left-wing berth whilst the new manager Pellegrino, has asked for a new left-back to be brought to the club. Drenthe is young at 22, so would be the ideal Wenger type of player, but do we need someone like him when we have Gibbs and Traore who can fill these functions.

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

This striker was bought in January to cover for the loss of van Nistelrooy.  There have been many rumours that he wants to leave Real or Real want to sell him. Whether that happens will depend upon whether they bring in another striker or keep van Nistelrooy.  There will be many Premier League clubs looking at Huntelaar.  He a great strike rate at Ajax, but Alfonso Alves also had a great rate in the Eridivisie.  Huntelaar, though, maintained a great strike rate La Liga.  If Adebayor leaves, and that looks inevitable as each day goes by, Huntelaar could be the man for us.

The sticking point in any of these is that once we call Perez, he will start to talk about Fabregas and Clichy.  The other matter will be Real will wish to recoup much of their expenditure in any sales.  None of these players will go cheaply.  If were to rank these players fro Arsenal it would be:

Huntelaar                    €15million

Diarra                          €18million

Metzelder                    € 8million

Drenthe                       € 6million

I am not saying we will buy all of these players, but the sale of Adebayor for £20million (€24million) and Senderos £6million (€7million) could go some way to financing some of these players.

The time to strike is now.

Real Madrid Want Clichy

The new regime under Florentino Perez will soon come knocking at the Emirates, but not for Fabregas, well not yet anyway.  Real’s new manager has identified the left-back slot as the one position that needs to be strengthened and he has handed Perez two names, Evra and Clichy (now being reported by London Evening Standard 12 June 2009).

Manchester United are bracing themselves for €80 million bid for Ronaldo (Man Utd have accepted an £80million bid 11 June 2009), which is his buyout clause, so I doubt Ferguson will too willing to allow another player to the club that he so much despises (despite having sold them Beckham, van Nistelrooy and Heinze).

Perez will be calling Arsenal in the next four or five weeks, once he has completed most of his signings and will want to talk about Clichy.  The price he will offer will be around £10 million, having spent so lavishly on other players.  Arsenal, will no doubt, turn such an offer down.   If Real came back with a bid of around £18 million, Wenger will start to consider the matter.

Clichy is a fast, competitive defender who Wenger has groomed over the last 5 years.  However, Wenger will have been impressed by the progress made by Gibbs this season.  He will have seen Gibbs cope admirably in defensive situations and he is a player who gives Arsenal more going forward that Clichy.  He will also have at the back of his mind Traore who had a mixed a season at Portsmouth.  Nobody knows if Arsene considers Traore as a left-back any more.

What will also play on Arsene’s mid is that Vermaelen can also play at left-back and that might be the role Arsene has in mind for the Belgium international.

What is for sure is that call will come from Real and a bid of around £18 million will be hard to resist.