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Arsenal Sign Young Stars on Long Contracts

Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis have been busy this summer securing the services of players that are already at the club.  Theo Walcott got the ball rolling signing a new contract before the season was up, next on Arsene’s priority was striker Robin van Persie.  It has taken longer to convince the Holland international to sign an extension.  Though van Persie has not put pen to paper, he will do so within the next few days.

This week we have had a player a day sign new contracts.

First it was Wales international Aaron Ramsey, who only joined the club last summer has signed a new extended contract.  Wenger has liked what he saw in Ramsey on the training ground and in the few matches he has played, Wenger is convinced that Ramsey will develop into a good player worthy of the Arsenal shirt.

Yesterday we had Jack Wilshere sign a new contract, an extension on the contract he signed in January.  Wilshere exploded onto the scene at the beginning of the season and even though he faded at the end of the season, this boy has a bright future ahead of him.  This is a player that Capello wanted fast-tracked into the under-21 squad, only for my favourite coach Stuart Pearce, to say he does not play enough first team games; well who is going to argue with Pearce with all his wealth of international football knowledge, what does Capello know.

Today we here that Kieran Gibbs has signed a new contract.  This is reward for a player who has stepped into the left-back role and has grown bigger and stronger with every game.  Gibbs came from nowhere to make the left-back slot his own in the England under-21 team, and given a decent run in the forthcoming season; Capello could make Kieran a surprise selection for the World Cup squad.

Whilst it is important to sign new players, to freshen the squad, it is just as important to secure the players that are already in your squad.   We would not forgive Wenger or Gazidis if they allowed these youngsters to leave Arsenal, so they must be congratulated for ensuring that these players will be Arsenal for the long term.  The other satisfactory part of these signings is that apart from van Persie, the others are young British players, an indication of the direction in which Arsenal is slowly moving.