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International Break Nightmare

International weeks are nightmares for fans; it is like going cold turkey. We are deprived of OUR team news; we anxiously wait for Wednesday and cross our fingers and pray. We pray that our players all return from the four corners of the world safe and refreshed for the challenges ahead.


We have had too much heartache over the years with players returning injured. Robin van Persie always plays a blinder for Holland but invariably is injured whilst away. We lost Walcott whilst on international duty and Gilberto and now Vela always arrives back too late to be considered for first team action.


During the current break, we are fortunate in that we do not have a game until Monday, this will give us two more days to patch the players up and get them ready for Cardiff. The only blessing of the current internationals is that Eduardo has been told he will play a significant part in Croatia’s friendly with Romania. This is great news for Arsenal especially if he gets through it unscathed.


The set of matches in November and February are a complete waste of time, they drag players away from the thick of domestic action and then dump them back on clubs on Thursday or Friday.  UEFA and FIFA need to get together to reorganise the international calendar. Some of the international friendlies descend into farce when player after player (mostly those from Manchester United) cry off injured only to re-appear for their clubs the following Saturday.


Overall most countries play 10 games a season. These games should be organised into three blocks, October, March and May/June. Each block could be a fortnight; players gather together on say Monday with games played on Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, then they are sent back to their clubs with the domestic games the resuming the following Saturday. This will keep disruption of the domestic game to the minimum.


Meanwhile, until the powers that be come to their senses we have to endure a stop start campaign.