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Kroenke and Usmanov Talk to Wenger

What a turbulent week, Wenger throws away a line about Real Madrid and suddenly we felt like the roof hade caved in on our little world. Everyone came out in support of Wenger.

 Hill-Wood came out like the proud rooster, strutting his stuff about how disgraceful those shareholders were and how dare they question a man like Wenger.  This is typical of our board looking down at people, even when those people own part of the club.

 Ivan Gazidis kept quiet on the matter until Thursday, when he said, “Arsene made Arsenal what they are today, and the fans understand it perfectly,” he said. “If he was to leave tomorrow, he would do it with his head up, not by the back door.”

 It is no coincidence that Gazidis remained quiet on the matter until the press reported that both Stan Kroenke and Alisher Usmanov spoke to Arsene Wenger.  The intrigue here why would these two men, one a non-executive director and the other not even on the board speak to Wenger and what will they be speaking to him about? 

 We know that Gazidis is friendly with Kroenke and Kroenke hinted at a sizeable “war chest” for Wenger recently, which is not exactly what the board led Wenger to believe he had to spend.  We also know that Usmanov has offered to put at Wenger’s disposal £100 million by paying off part of the club loan.

 Now we hear that Wenger has a war chest that is sizeable.  Is this all a coincidence?  This is clearly the new board members, Gazidis-Kroenke bouncing both Hill-Wood and Fiszman into providing Wenger with the money he really needs to strengthen the squad.

 Clearly the old board is the proverbial lame-duck and the sooner they relinquish the reigns the sooner and faster the club will move ahead.