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Arsenal Make a Serious Bid for Dzeko

Arsenal appear to closing in on another summer target, Edin Dzeko, the prolific Bosnian striker who currently plies his trade at Bundesliga champions Wolfsburg.

Arsenal and Manchester City are both reported to have made bids for the player, but as with all things to do with Arsenal we undertake our transfers in secrecy rather than in the glare of the media.

According to the player’s agent Irfan Redžepagić the bid is serious and will be considered by Wolfsburg ahead of Manchester City.

“It is not realistic for Dzeko who is a leading player in Germany and due to perform in the Champions League to opt for an average club like Manchester City. Arsenal is the other case. We will discuss their offer seriously” Redžepagić said while in Germany.

“I will talk over the weekend with Edin and we will see what is best for him. On Monday it is back to the negotiations with Wolfsburg” said Redžepagić.

What is ominous in the last statement is the implications that negotiations are underway with Wolfsburg.  This will not be the first time that a possible bid has been used by an agent to negotiate a new improved contract for his player.

The lure of the Premier League might be too much for Dzeko to resist and his arrival or even the talk of a possible arrival must indicate the imminent departure of Adebayor.



Dzeko has said he will make an announcement on Wednesday as to who his potential club might be.   Things have taken a turn for the worse for Arsenal, or it could be agent talk, but AC Milan are now talking about a £25 million bid for Dzeko.  Furthermore, Arsenal were not mentioned amongst the possible clubs for Dzeko.

As I said this could be the agent trying to flush out Arsenal or it could genuine.

Wenger Looks At Dzeko

Arsenal are preparing a bid for Wolfsburg’s striker Edin Dzeko.  

Reports in today’s papers are claiming that Wenger is prepared to launch a bid for Wolfsburg’s Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko.  Manchester City are also interested in the player, but Wenger is hoping to use the fact that we can offer him Champions League football, something that £100K a week did not both Gareth Barry.  Arsenal’s other trump card is to use Arsene’s trusted lieutenant Boro Primorac to persuade his fellow Bosnian that Arsenal is the place for him.

If the matter comes down to a bidding war, then Manchester City will get their man, otherwise Arsenal should be in prime position to buy Dzeko.

Dzeko scored 26 goals in 32 appearances last season as Wolfsburg beat off late competition from Bayern Munich to seal the first German national title in the club’s history.  Arsenal’s European scouts have been keeping a closse eye on Dzeko in recent months, whilst both Primorac and Arsenal’s chief scout Steve Rowley have also seen the Bosnian in action and have given Arsene positive reports.

It will be hard to tempt Wolfsburg to part with Dzeko as they have qualified for the Champions League and are backed by Volkswagen, so it will be down to the player was to whether he wants to move to England.

 The fact that Arsenal are preparing to bid for Dzeko leaves one to believe that Adebayor is on the way out.  If Arsenal can land Dzeko for £12 million and receive £20 million for Adebayor, that will once again be a great piece of budgeting by Wenger.

 Wenger is obviously concerned about the futures of Adebayor and van Persie and is seeking a replacement.  Dzeko could be that man.