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Time to Call Time on Clichy

Gael Clichy, Clichy, is better than Ashley… or so goes the favourite song around the Emirates.  The truth is Clichy is not a patch on much hated Ashley Cole and any Arsenal fan that is honest will admit this too.


Cole had attacking thoughts all the time, he would link up with Pires and Henry, overlap and end up in the penalty area looking for the ball and scoring goals.  Clichy rarely enters the opponents penalty area, for him this unchartered territory, not only that he rarely overlaps his winger and all his crosses are not from the bye-line cutting back which are the hardest to defend, but invariably floated in from 22 yards, making them easier  fro defenders to clear and harder for strikers to score from.


In a defence capacity, Clichy can be a solid player, but lacks concentration for the full 90 minutes.  He will fall asleep and make a bad judgement for a second which will cost us a goal and points.  Last season, we saw this against Manchester City, he dithered over what to do with the ball, failed to react and City equalised, luckily we still went on to win the game.  A few weeks later, a momentary lapse against Birmingham City gave them a penalty and a share of the points.  This was the turning point in our season and eventually was a major reason in us losing the title.  This season the mistakes have been coming thick and fast, against Spurs, Manchester City, Middlesbrough and Hull City.  Each has cost us goals and points.


Arsenal fans have given this boy a two and half season honeymoon, because of their hatred of Cole.  It is time the Arsenal fans woke up and smelt the coffee, Clichy is average.  We will not win anything with him in the back four; he offers little going forward and is prone to mistakes at the back.  Wenger needs to invest in a proper left back in the summer and sell this imposter.