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Do We Care About the Emirates Cup

This is the third season the Emirates Cup will be held at Arsenal.  The first was a novelty and sold out within weeks, last season had the big clubs, Real Madrid and Juventus to ensure it as a box office sell out. This season it is a different story.

There are plenty of tickets still available for this season’s tournament despite the fact that Rangers have been given 9,000 tickets for each day.  Arsenal have spent a lot of money advertising the tournament on Talk SPORT and there have been many advertisements placed in London newspapers to try to sell the tickets.

The Emirates Cup will go the same way as the old Makita trophy, this tournament drifted from Wembley to Highbury, a half empty Highbury, then into oblivion.  Why was this?  Well English fans realise that pre-season tournaments mean nothing, there is little intensity and with matches played on consecutive days, mangers will rotate their squads.

Arsenal were hoping that the Emirates Cup will become as popular as the Amsterdam Tournament.  What they failed to realise is that the public in Holland do not see top class football week-in week-out, so they will flood to watch the games.

The future of the Emirates Cup is for it to be held every two years, thus not over saturating the fans with meaningless games.  In the intervening year Arsenal should fly out to Asia or the Middle East and build the brand.