Will Wenger Add Cahill, Malouda and Fellaini?

It appears that both Park and Santos have been signed subject to work permits, which we need confirmed today.

Arsenal are in advance talks with long-term transfer target Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen, with a fee in the regions of €10M having been agreed. Mertesacker is 6’ 6”, which will help us at both ends at set pieces. The German defender is 26 years old (27  in September) and has played 74 times for Germany.  This is the experienced tall commanding defender that we have been crying out for, his critics talk about his pace, but how quick is Djourou and how effective is Djourou?

Arsenal have made enquiries about Benayoun and Malouda, I expect one of these two to join Arsenal.  Malouda is a more direct player with an eye for goal, whilst Benayoun is a creative player but is injury prone.

It is possible that Wenger could conclude four deals for £25M, leaving the Cesc transfer fee free for two major signings.

With the arrival of Mertesacker, does this signal the end of the Cahill deal?  Gartside must have regretted his comments over the week-end that infuriated Arsene Wenger.  If Gartside had kept quiet and merely told Arsenal that £6M plus Bendtner was a non-starter but can we talk about cash plus a loan deal, then Cahill could still be an option.  Bolton’s problem is that Cahill is in the last year of his contract, if he refuses to sign a new contract, then Bolton will lose the one major asset for nothing and this is a club with major financial problems.

I still believe that Wenger fancies Cahill, but he refused to pay £17M for Cahill.  Wenger’s valuation is probably around £10M.  Unless Spurs step in and offer Bolton £15M for Cahill, I can see Wenger renewing his interest in Cahill tomorrow, but this time he will not be desperate for the player as he would have secured Mertesacker.  Bolton will be negotiating from a position of weakness and the deal could be clinched for around £10M.  If this happens, this is typical Wenger, the artful poker player, always ensuring that the cards are stacked in his favour.

Wenger’s pursuit of either Malouda or Benayoun is a sign of defeat in the purchase of Hazard.  Lille were always reluctant to sell both Gervinho and Hazard in the same window, so this is a player that goes onto the backburner and the pursuit starts again next summer.

Arsene will turn his attention north, and in particular Everton. The targets are Arteta, Fellaini or even Rodwell. Rodwell will be a typical Arsene move, a young player, someone who will be in demand in a year’s time from Manchester United, but the cost will be £20M, which will concern Arsene. Arteta is a player whom we made a bid for in the past (probably £6M!), he is creative but as with so many of our players on the small side.  The one that I would like to see is Marouane Fellaini.  He is young,  23 years old, tall 6ft 4” and is a solid midfielder.  Fellaini cost Everton £15M three years ago and Everton are trying to extend his contract, however a bid from Arsenal around £20M could tempt cash strapped Everton.  Everton have not spent any money this summer meaning Moyes has been unable to strengthen his squad,  £20M wil lalow the Everton manager to go into the market at this late stage.

If Arsene finishes August with Park, Santos, Mertesacker, Malouda, Cahill and Fellaini, then Arsenal fans will be looking forward to the Swansea match on 10 September, the doom and gloom of August will be behind us.

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  1. shadreck chikuku

    its late for Wenger but i think the team will be alright

  2. wenger should go for martin,Hazard,Cahill,Andre Santos that is all we need now

  3. I would welcome those signing, although i still think Chelski or Everton would not like to lose Malouda or Fellaini respectively but here hoping and praying!

  4. Now we arsenal fan are fun box in eye of the fan of orders club because of what wenger our manager is doing to us…if you sign all the player mansion above we will be very happy…..l

  5. pliz wenger get carhill n malouda

  6. pliz wenger add malouda and carhill at last

  7. Martin would be a good signing. M’Vila would be excellent as well.

  8. we need cahill, hazard, arteta, shaqiri, mvila for now.

  9. wenger know what he want he wantd to sell all d player dat perform below expectation & replace dem with good player. He don’t want to sell fab & nasri he was force to do so now. He must find replacement with player dat love arsenal not dat will leave d club bcos of money like nasri we all understand d situation of fabricas plz leave wenger alone let him do his work

  10. He won’t bring in 6 players but it is realistic to see Santos,Park,Mertesacker and either Maloud or Fellaini come in but not both. There is also the January transfer window where he can improve his lineup again so he has more wiggle room than many people think. He has learnt his lesson after last January’s mistakes so he won’t repeat that again.
    Your observation that he is like a poker player bluffing it out to the end is very accurate. that is why everyone says he plays his cards close to the vest and why that cretin Gartside did piss him off and likely ruined any chance of a deal.

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