Park and Santos Signed – Mertesacker Too? Medicals for Hazard & Cahill?

The 8-2 defeat at the weekend has forced Wenger into the transfer market, rumours are flying around everywhere.

Two deals that are virtually done will Park Chu Young join Arsenal from AS Monaco.  Park is South Korea’s captain and a striker who does not have an impressive record in club football.   Park was due to join Lille when Wenger hi-jacked the deal, the fee has been reported as anything from £2.6M to £10M.  The second signing is Fenerbahce’s Brazilian left back Andre Santos for a reported £6.2M.  As always Arsenal have remained silent over both deals.

Everything else is wild speculation.

L’Equipe is announcing that Arsenal have signed Per Mertesacker.  The article reports that the players was signed last night.

Numerous reports have stated that Arsenal have made inquiries about three Chelsea players, Benayoun, Malouda and Alex.  Malouda is the player that Wenger should aim to buy from Chelsea.

The Arteta/ Bendtner swap is being rumoured on plenty of sites.  This will be a good buy for Arsenal, Arteta is a creative, combative midfielder, though prone to injury, so will be a perfect Arsenal player.

Speculation is rife that Cahill and Hazard are due for medicals today or tomorrow at Arsenal, I suppose if a rumour is repeated often enough, people will take it as being the truth.  Hazard will be a difficult  transfer to complete as we snapped Park from under the noses of Lille.  The deal may be sweetened if we allow Joel Campbell to go on loan to Lille.  The Cahill saga will drag on and unless Wenger buys alternatives, and L’Equipe claims we have, then Wenger will be castigated ifwe do not buy Cahill.

It is going to be a helter-skelter couple of days, but what Arsenal fans must be asking is why were these players not brought in before the season started?

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  1. karan j gooner

    guys this piece of crap(well ….it looked first) is totally true that arsenal have signed Per Mertasacker last night.Sources r trustworthy: BBC david ornstein and Le equippe.both reported true about park’s situation.

  2. Hazard aint coming

  3. If all this signings we come Arsenal wil repeat the 49 unbeatable run

  4. We are counting on u! Wenger Pls get ds guyz for us fastly, hazard, per, malouda, cahil. Pack, don santos and artetar.

  5. Yes come gunner that army we need MAN THATS WENGER.,,THIS TITTLE WILL COME

  6. Yes come on gunners that army we need MAN THATS WENGER.,,THIS TITTLE WILL COME

  7. I realy hate the behaviours of wenger,he’s realy letting the club down intentionally becoz how can a pofessor not know what the students & young children or illitrates know..wenger is playing mind game to devastate the team so I don’t think that he will sign enough players.

  8. Am tired of difference rumours posted by people to arsenal news that per have been signed from bremen, it is true or not. We want correct transfer rumours to paste on arsenal news. In gunners I trust

    • northbanklegend

      Sky Sports,BBC and many newspapers are now running this story over Mertesacker, the fee €10M. What this means for Cahill nobody knows, but I hope we pursue Cahill too

  9. If arsen wenger buy new player arsenal we left truphy.

  10. Hope not Mertesacker. Lumbersome clumbsy slow and from a mid table bundesliga team with one of the worst totals in the league for conceded goals. Hasn’t Hazard already stated he wants to stay at Lille another season?

    • northbanklegend

      There isa different quote abut Hazard every hour!

    • Mertesacker is quality. He towers over anybody else on the pitch which we need for defending set pieces, Arsenals Achilles heel. Also, CB dont need to be fast, as long as they have goo positioning. Take Puyol.. Terry.. Vidic.. all pretty slow but theyre always in the right place at the right time.

  11. The news sounds very xciting bt masa, AW & d mgt in particular ar hard nuts 2 crack.Lets put our fingers cross until d transfer window is closed, we can’t trust dis people.

  12. It wil be good if wenger sign alex,maluda.hazard, and cahill i think with all this player arsenal we make it this season.

  13. If wenger sign those guy i hope he ‘ll challenge for top four

  14. up Gunners, if the board and wenger can think the fans and buy 6players

  15. Who else thinks this is panic buying by Wenger after Sunday’s game? If we lost 3 or 4-0 would he buy so many players?

    I think he was only looking for a CB and a creative mid or DM. I saw he said he hadn’t thought of African cup of nations where Gervinho and song will definitely go and maybe Fringpong too.

    So after a thumping, it seems the light finally went on in his head and now he’s going on a mass buying spree of numbers not so much of quality. Even breaking his own rule if he buys Benaiyoun who is over 30. I truely hope these players work out for him else the fans are going to grill him and we’ll see him leave mid season.

    • northbanklegend

      maybe this is the shot in the arm we needed. We all knew that Traore was not good enough, now WEnger agrees, we knew 2 strikers were not enough, now we jhave bought Park and we all knew we needed 2 CB, I still think Cahill or Samba or Dann will alos join Mertesacker.

      Still no midfielder recruits, we need two – Arteta and Fellani will be great

  16. it will builtiful if at d end d transfer see this guys in my daling gooners line up that ll b co’s for celebrection

  17. Wenger if u sign these players we arsenal fans promise not to leave arsenal.

    • northbanklegend

      Arsenal fans will never leave Arsenal.
      It will be good for the fans if Arsenal can announce Park and Santos have signed

  18. Wenger must stop breaking our hearts!

  19. I’m dancing already.

  20. Ar u sure about this mertesaker bcs i wll b very happy if t’is tru wenger need 2sining felaini nd hazard bot ll diliver in d midfild

  21. I never believe in AW until they were announced on Arsenal website.

  22. I alwaz beliv in wenger wit double assurans dat he wuld buy sufficient players within d next 24hrs. Pls quote me. Up gunners

  23. I dt belive in wenger. No signing have been made.

  24. Let us wait till announces these signing before we start rejoicing…..32hours 40 mins remaining till shutdown……gunners till wenger’s is sacked

  25. wenger should go for martin,Hazard,Cahill,Andre Santos that is all we need now

  26. Wenger please hurry!! Arteta,cahil,hazard schwensteiger will change the club.

  27. Adeseye adesanya

    Now am happy when arsen wenger signed pack,santos,mertersacker and hazard & cahill are doing medical thank God now will can win league.

  28. 2hank u very much mr wenger may allah be with u amen now it remains cahill and a midfielder

  29. im glad to see that Arsene wokke up over the weekend and got some experiance on his side

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