Nasri Leaves with a Parting Shot at the Fans

Nasri looked so happy when he was pictured outside Eastlands yesterday; there was a genuine smile from a man who has arrived at his pre-destined home!

In an interview with Manchester City website / tv, Nasri claimed that one of the reasons he moved was the passion of the City fans as opposed to the Arsenal fans.  He even said that since moving from Highbury the atmosphere has not been the same.  Correct me if I am wrong but Nasri never played at Highbury and as for the fans at the Emirates, they sang his name at every game last season, how much more adulation does he want?

Nasri also talked about his frustration as to how long the transfer took place.  Well Nasri that was partly down to the underhanded tactics used by your agents, who promised you will sign for Arsenal, then negotiated a deal behind our backs with City and then they wanted their 20 pieces of silver (£2M in modern day currency) for selling you to City.

It was interesting that on Arsenal’s official website Nasri was not wished all the best at his new club, something that was afforded to Fabregas, Clichy and Eboue.

“Everyone at Arsenal Football Club would like to thank Samir for his contribution during his time at the  Club.”

To sum up Nasri has left Arsenal without the dignity or gravitas that players like Vieira, Henry, Gilberto or Cesc did and no doubt the fans will repay him with a warm and appreciative welcome on his return.

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  1. of dat i’m sure…he’ll expect dat! just hope he doesn’t do an ‘adebayor’ too!!!

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