NAsri Leaves As Wenger Ponders Transfer Swoops

Nasri leaves for £24M, to add to the departures of Cesc £35M, Eboue £4M and Clichy £7M. That is £70M so far, with Bendtner (£9M), Arshavin (£7M) , Squillaci (£1M) and Almunia (Free) to follow.  Arsene’s total sales could generate nearly £87M.  Yes Arsenal fans look at that number £87M generated through sales this summer.  In addition Arsenal’s coffers have been increased by the Asia Tour and the Emirates Cup to the tune of £6M, in addition to the lucrative sponsorship deals concluded with Indesit, Carlsberg, O2, Citreon and Betsson this summer. The money does not stop there, Arsenal sold the Queensland Road development for £25M, and the sales of the remaining flats at Highbury Square continue to bring in revenue to the club.

As mentioned several times before, Arsenal had a cash balance of over £100M in November, with the second half of the season likely to add to that mountain of cash.

Arsenal FC is awash with cash.  The UEFA Financial Fair Play rules will not prevent us or any other big club from playing in Europe, this is a smokescreen put up be Wenger and the board, UEFA will not prevent Manchester City from competing in Europe that is a fact and time will prove me correct.

The recent departures and proposed departures have also reduced our weekly wage bill by over £450K a week.

Our new additions have come at a total outlay of £19M and total wages of no more than £120K a week.

Arsene is now set for what should be a massive spending spree, he has the transfer cash and the wages to entice Scott Dann, Christopher Samba, Mikel Arteta and Mauro Zarate, these four players will cost us a total of £46M but will re-invigorate the squad, they will refresh the squad and add the extra spark that has been missing.

It appears  that Wenger and the board are waiting to see what happens tomorrow in Italy, but regardless of the result Arsenal need to strengthen and this needs to start on Thursday morning.


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  1. Edmund Harrison

    Gud 4 Nasri but bad 4 Arsenal y b.cuz dey will not buy……

  2. Very well explained ! Arsene check this out !!!!!!!!!!. Get going please. You are trying the patience of every Arsenal fan. Why is something so obvious to millions of Arsenal fans and not to Arsene or the board ?

    This is simply so. so frustrating. We as Arsenal fans are just suppose to expect good things MAY happen but are left to juts speculate and wonder and feel so helpless.

    Arsene why would you want to wait till last week of the transfer to show some action? Crazy !

  3. All eyes on u wenger I hope u buy because we hazard,parker,cahill,zarate,baines

  4. Buy sneijder, hazard and modric

  5. If wenger will not buy other good players for replacement let us allow him to go because now w’r so tired w’ve money we need players if possible let us prepare the great protest to say no to wenger leave now leave our club let us employ new manager

  6. i peity 4 R.V.P ,coz he also deserv to leave lyk every other plays that left.shame on u wenger

  7. Arteta? Another injury prone midfieder…
    No thanks!

  8. It’s good dat we sel nasri bt it’s bad cos d wenger i knw beleive in his so called “young gunners” n may not want 2 buy…… can som1 tel wat’s hapnin between wenger n rvp?

  9. @northblanklegend.
    you got ur facts right but not the players that come in. arteta is too injury prone samba is not good enough for our stlye of play. we need marvin martin (a clear cut playmaker, cesc mould) as cesc’s replacement. hazard as nasri’s replacement, either dann, jagielka or cahill as a defender and zarate would do if bendtner leaves and scotty parker or yaan m’villa. parker would be a good choice as he has experience and that’s what we need in our midfield spine.

    • northbanklegend

      Hazard has said he will not leave this summer and M’Vila will not be allowed to leave by Rennes and both cases Arsenal are not going to make offers that will leave Lille and Rennes no option other than to sell ie £30M and £20M. Parker, West Ham want £8M for him and nobody is moving for him at that price, though expect a 31/8 bid from Spurs @ £5M.
      Arteta is too injury prone, but that is ideal for Arsenal all or our players are injury prone, is this due to our medical staff or training methods

  10. A serious case of premature speculation at the best. I take issue with your calculations, as they are too simplistic, failing to take into account the agent’s fees, the fact that Cesc’s fees will be paid over two payments plus appearance bonuses. As well, Bendtner, Arshavin, Squillaci and Almunia have not been sold or raded on so that isn’t in the bank,despite your implying it is. Any sales of property apparently HAVE to be put against the debt incurred for the Emirates stadium and Highbury Square developments so is not available for transfers.
    While we do have transfer money, that is NOT the issue. Wenger can buy 2-3 big names but the Board refuses to alter the wage structure for these big name transfers. When AFC do business they always calculate ALL these costs in (wages, transfer fee, agent’s fee, long-term wages increase and contract renewal costs, etc.) Therefore when AW brings in a new player he knows that his costs will fit into these parameters and not end up costing the Club in the long run. He bought Cesc for 1,7M and sold him for about 37M so he almost always ends up making money. That’s why he’s so hesitant to bring in a 29 or 30 years old player since he can’t sell them on for a profit. Kids like Campbell, OAC, Jenkinson, Miyachi, Frimpong, Lansbury, etc. will be developed into real stars for peanuts and then eventually sold on for 100-200-even 300% profit. Its a VERY sustainable model and one that the Board loves. As long as AFC stay in the top 4 and the CL, they are happy.
    IF, God help us, AFC are out of the CL after tomorrow, THEN the Board will refuse to authorize big transfers and probably cut back the transfer funds by at least 25M in order to recoup that CL loss. IF Wenger keeps AFC in the CL then they’ll likely go for a few more high end players to ensure that we go far in both the EPL and CL.

    • northbanklegend

      In relation to property sales, the Highbury Square development loan has been fully paid off. The club has not decided whether to allocate proceeds from property sales to the playing side or to reduce our Emirates loan, though this is a 25 year loan so I am not sure if we can repay early without penalty clauses.
      I agree that transfer fees are spread over time, but so are those that we buy players. The Gervinho and Chamberlain deals were not cash up front.

      The board should have strengthened before the Udinese game to ensure CL qualification. If we go out of the CL, the board will have to take action to ensure we qualify next season, otherwise wait until we are playing Europa League games in front of crowds below 50,000 and then EPL games fail to sell out, the board will be hit where it hurts in the matchday revenue.

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