Arsenal In Dire Straits

It’s now or never for Wenger.  The squad is the weakest since Arsene’s reign started that there is no doubt.  Suspensions and injuries are mounting and we have only played three games.  Our squad for today included two players who are outward bound and contained 8 youngsters.

Whilst we could see the potential in both Frimpong and Miguel today, trophies are not won with potential, but as Wenger told us in May with experience.

Our attack was blunt today with the only Nasri showing any inventiveness.  The defence was on the whole solid but Jenkinson looked exposed on several occasions.

Arsene has insisted that the players he has brought in Gervinho, Jenkinson, Ryo and Oxlade-Chamberlain are good quality players and by implication adequate replacements for Febregas, Nasri, Denilson, Vela, Eboue and Clichy.  I think Wenger is either deluded or lying to the fans. Defence is the main area to strengthen, yet Arsene has refused to move for any of our “targets”, why?  Is it that he thinks they are not good enough for Arsenal or does he think they are too expensive?  We have had bids turned down for both Samba and Jagielka within the last 12 months, so they must be good enough, but Wenger appears to refuse to spend.  Arsene needs to spend money and strengthen our defence there is no other option.

Midfield is devoid of players with invention.  We were missing Gervinho and Wilshere, but that is no excuse.  Wenger is culpable allowing this situation to develop.  Everyone know that Cesc was leaving, Denilson wanted out and Nasri was not prepared to sign a new contract, so why were so indecisive in the transfer market?  If we go back to Ricardo Alvarez, how did we let this one slip away over a reported £1.5M difference in valuation?  At the end of July we were about to sign Mata for £13M, but failed to lodge the bid before his buyout clause expired and now Chelsea are favourites to sign him for £28M.

In attack we have let Carlos Vela go out on loan and Niklas Bendtner is due to leave, this leaves us with van Persie who only plays 50% of our games and Marouane Chamakh who looks like he’ll never score again.

Frankly our squad is too weak to compete this season, not to challenge for the title but too weak to even try and make a fourth place finish.

Why has this happened?  The board needs to accept some of the responsibility.  They have, since David Dein’s departure allowed Wenger to dictate and conduct transfer negotiations.  This adds pressure on Wenger in terms of spending, he is fearful of spending say £17M on Cahill and then the player not producing the goods.  The situation at Arsenal is calling for a Director of Football who is responsible for transfer and contract negotiations. Wenger hands this person a list of players in priority order and he then goes out and buys the player within the transfer budget.

Arsenal now have two vital games, away to Udinese and Manchester United.  Defeat in these games will be disaster; we will have Europa League football at Arsenal and potentially out of the title race by the end of August.

Unless Arsene brings in a minimum of three players this week, Arsenal fans are going to have a very long and frustrating season.

Today saw swarms of fans leave the ground once Liverpool took the lead, there was dissent from fans calling for Arsene to spend the money and for the second game in a row there were hundreds of empty seats.  The latter has prompted the club to stop announcing the attendance during the games.

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  1. clearly arsen wenger doesnt have any brains at all

    • northbanklegend

      This is not true, but Arsene is stubborn, he will not go out and buy two or three quality players like Gervinho to help us challenge for the league. With our inactivity, coupled with ill-discipline and injuries we are virtually out of the title race already

  2. I agree entirely with your deductions. The board have placed AW in a very difficult position. He should never have been given both the financial and footballing briefs. Everyone can see this contradiction if they look closely at the situation and yet they are happy to let it go on, simply because it has made them money … bags of money so far. The question that faces us now is: how do we stop this free fall? We need to go boldly into the transfer market and buy quality. We must not be seen as the perpetual haggler at the Sunday market. This is because they usually end up with trash … at a bargain of course.

  3. clearly arsene
    wenger doesnt have any brains at all

  4. i predicted defeat by just looking at the buyin thos season. As a bitter arsenal fan we are likely to b in danger zone on sunday after meeting our old rivals.AW is aware of that.we dont want his pretence an putting head down.we want action an solution go an get is atleat four players.two cb,a strike an a defender.

  5. Sad to say but you are absolutely right on with your comments. You can trace the start of our demise to last summer when Arsene dithered and dithered before bringing in two CBs, one of which will be a good one while the other is an out and out disaster. At xmas Arsene said we needed to bring in some steel in our defence and that he would bring in another CB in the January tranfer window. Once again he dithered and procrastinated and tried his low ball approach to the transfer fees. He kept all of us on tenderhooks thru the window and when it closed we had NOTHING. He muttered his usual excuses about quality, difficult to find players etc etc etc and this from the Manager of the third most successful team in the world. It was a disgrace.

    So what happened, Arsene tried to do to much (4 trophy competitions) with too little (players) and the team fell apart. Totally, utterly and completely fell apart in the spring of the year. We went from a challenge for first place to hanging onto 4th place by a thread. We won but 2 of our last 14 games as the self confidence of the players disintegrated aong with their confidence in and respect for the manager….. Players openly rebelled and stated they wanted to leave the team. Fans began to “Boo” each game and made disparaging remarks about the manager and the board. It was a disgrace and actions should have been taken at that point in time to change the management but….. they were not.

    Changes were promised by Arsene and Ivan, experienced players would be brought into the team. Non performing players or players who did not want to stay would be allowed to leave the team. So what happened??? Nothing…..

    Players who wished to leave were told to do so but MR DITHERS ( his new nickname) purposely made the transfer fee for each of them too high so they could not find teams that could afford to take them on. Arsene, once the transfer window opened did nothing but watch ManU , Liverpool, ManC and Chelsea sign new players. He did nothing.. Finally in August after weeks of protracted negotiations Gervinho was signed, a winger. NO CB which the fans had been pleading for since the previous summer, no midfielders to provide replacements for Cesc and Nari if they left as they were both asking to do. Hey you all know the story.

    So here we are with the summer transfer window closing in 9 days. The Gunners are absolutely depleted thru departures (3), injuries (4), suspensions (3). Ten players out of the lineup including the 1 experienced player MR DITHERS did buy. It is an out and out disaster and the blame for this state of affairs rest totally on the shoulders of our arrogant, know it all,

    The Board is obviously culpable as they have done nothing to reign in the absolute power of Mr Dithers and so is the new majority STAN for not keeping a closer watch on his newest acquisition. The fact is MR DITHERS has personally taken actions that have already cost ARSENAL tens of millions of dollars this summer and if they lose the upcoming away game to the Italians on Tuesday another $ 25 million dollars of budgeted revenues will disappear from the ARSENAL team coffers.. If one were the least bit cynical you could say that MR DITHERS is purposefully NOT spending the money from the sale of players this summer to cover the potential shortfall to the team budget should they LOSE the champions league game this Tuesday. No question the ARSENAL team budget has included the $ 25 million in the 2011/2012 revenues. They have been able to count on it for the past 15 years….

    However, with a loss on Tuesday and the virtual certainty that the team will finish worse than 4th this season they have decided to unload most of the expensive, experienced players and replace them with young, inexperienced, CHEAPER players. Have they told us this is what they are doing? Of course not…

    Didnt our fathers teach each of us to judge a man thru his “actions NOT just his words”………. Mr Dithers, thou protest too much…

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