Has Wenger Lied to the Fans Once More

At the end of last season we heard that this was going to be a busy transfer window, Arsene Wenger had stated that we lacked some experience, we were weak in defence and all Arsenal fans cheered.  At last Le Boss was prepared to spend money to resolve our defensive weaknesses both at the back and in midfield.

All Arsenal fans expected some departures, none of us expected Fabregas to stay and Nasri was 50:50 as to whether he stayed or not.

As the summer entered into full swing, noises from Arsenal were encouraging, from Wenger, Gazidis and Hill-Wood. Wenger then threw cold water on our excitement by stating we were likely to move for players towards the end of July, this then moved to the beginning of August and now we are still waiting.

It was not a shock that Cesc joined Barcelona and it will not be a major surprise if Nasri also follows him out of the door. The major shock for Arsenal fans is that we have not bought a centre-half yet and that Wenger and the board have spent all summer negotiating the departures of players.

Wenger is under pressure from the fans to buy players as was demonstrated on Saturday and probably tonight. Wenger does not know who to buy or is reluctant to spend big money.  This is naïve business by Wenger; it is not his job to make money for Arsenal. We should have bought Cahill and Mata before the season even started. Everyone knows this yet Arsene insists that Jenkinsson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Miyaichi and Campbell are suitable additions to the first team squad.

Arsene has dithered yet again in the transfer market, selling the club’s jewels in return for more under 20 year olds.  This is not the sign of a club wanting to challenge for trophies, this is a sign of a club willing once more to allow the manager to indulge in his philosophy of “Youth will Win a Trophy”.

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  1. I agree in principle that arsenal should buy more players and certainly some class players especially given arsenal werent strong enough last season to challenge for the title and now they are set to lose 2 of their top 3 players. they are in dire need of holding and creative midfielders and defensive players ie one super tall and strong centreback and perhaps a fullback on the left hand side.

    I just dont see why there is so much negativity in every paragraph…something positive must be said at least for bringing new players in. 3 players have been signed and miyaichi has a work permit now. No talk of supporting the team this evening either…

    • northbanklegend

      The negativity comes out of frustration, We ALL expected some top signings, instead we are presented with some good teenagers and are expected to be thankful

  2. Dnt u think that all d major transfer targets are waiting to see whether we are playing champions league or not? if we get past the qualifying round then they will join us

  3. Do you not think AW is doing business the way the board want it, it seems likely that given the chance every manager would like to bring in the players he admires, all the emphasis is on Wenger being mean with the money but in my oppinion he is doing the boards bidding, if there was a a real desire from above to strengthen the team I am sure wenger like all other managers would have no problem spending the money.
    Someone in power has to smell the coffee, if they want CL ten they have to have players capable of contesting it.

  4. So true the board decide the budget and Silent Stan is rubbing his American paws. In January we were told there was 40 mil to spend and now we have to sell to spend? Where did it go?????

    • northbanklegend

      Our transfer budget this summer was £11M.
      We spent Gervinho £11M, Chamberlain £7M, Jenkinsson £1M and Campbell £1M – total £20M, but we recouped £7M on Clichy and £2M on JET.

  5. I think you should have written this article once the transfer window has closed, that way you could have a clear conclusion whereas now all you have is a few meandering thoughts.

    Just because he hasnt signed a CB doesn’t mean he’s lied to us. He’s signed gervinho who will prove to be a big hit, he’s signed the hottest youngster in england, and hopefully he’ll sign another CM and a CB. If the window closes and neither has been signed then yeah he’s lied to us. If that turns out to be the case then he’ll only be adding pressure to himself and the team, something I’m sure he’s already anticipated and therefore will do his upmost best to ensure it doesn’t happen. A CB will come, 100% sure of this.

    Till then all we can do is hope for the best and get behind the team.

    • northbanklegend

      Please go back over the last 2/3 summers transfer activities and see what has happened, last season Koscielny and Scuillaci were presented as the best CB on the market. Before that we had Silvestre. I hope you are right and this week we bring in 3 players, but I have seen too many Wenger summer transfer seasons to know this is a pipe dream

  6. northbanklegend

    1. If you bothered to watch yesterday’s press conference, Wenger SAID they have been busy negotiating the exit of players, and that they could not work on players coming in.

    2. Wenger stated in the same conference “Everybody says to me: BUY, I’m not against it but when I ask who there is a no man’s land.” In other words he does not see any players out there that are worthy of being bought.

    3. Look at the quotes from Wenger and the board that we are going to be active this summer ( a similar statement to last season) and then look at the reality of the situation, we sell Wrodl Class players, Cesc and Nasri and bring in youngsters, yet we have over £100M in the bank.

    Wenger and the board have betrayed the supporters and the season ticket holders, we spend good money to see our team but it looks like we are playing with one hand tied behind our back in competing for trophies

  7. AW doesn’t even know what he is up to cus he is a contradicting figure.firstly he said he believes in young players and bought old player like squallici who doesn’t know how to control his own football.There are young players all in the wings willing to play for arsenal and he doesn’t even want to spent on them.Everyday is quality and Squallici doesn’t even got anything like that.Confuse Species.I hate Wenger bcus he doesn’t care about the fans feelings.He is sharing players like diaby,squallici,almunia and others salary.

  8. i believe arsenal was 5times stronger last season than they are this season,wenger please buy back fabregas and keep nasri and do business no more ill be satisfied, ill guaranteed of another entertaining season. guys there is no way we can prove it but if wenger had kept last season team together minus denilson and almunia ofcourse we could have won this season.

    • northbanklegend

      Cesc has gone and Nasri we made a big mistake, we should have offered him a contract last summer.
      I hope we get Theo and van Persie tied down to new cotnracts very soon or we are heading for a deja vu summer next year

  9. I agree with Millz up there about this article possibly coming once the window closes. While it’s true that arsenal fans have waited and been disappointed in previous seasons, it’s also important to wait this window out..! It must be apparent to AW that, this is certainly not a title contending team as it stands, he must sign or resign himself, the players and the fans to a failed season. Period!

    • northbanklegend

      The end of last season was very hard for Arsene, you could see it. The noises from AW were positive, but the actions this summer have not lived up to the expectations. We have a terrible run of games, AW needs to act now not wait until 31/08 to buy players. In the past apart from the Gallas deal, all other transfers were done be fore the end of the transfer window.

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