Hill-Wood Confirms Arsenal are looking buying a Few Players

All media outlets appear to be suggesting that Juan Mata should sign sometime in the next 48 hours, which is great news.  Also confirmed by our Chairman and this is a rarity, Arsenal never comment on transfer news and every time Hill-Wood speaks it is to say something against the existing players, Arsenal have made an offer for Jagielka.

“We have made a bid for him but they didn’t think it was enough,” Hill-Wood said. “It is very busy but nothing is actually happening. We are trying to buy a few players but it isn’t going to happen overnight.”

What is interesting is the Hill-Wood stated we are trying to buy a few players, this could mean that Mata and Jagielka will not be the end of the buying spree!

The news last night from Costa Rica is that Joel Campbell has agreed to join us after the FIFA Under-20 World Championships.  What is still not clear is will Campbell be given a work permit to actually play for us next season.  Arsenal appear to have applied for a “special talent” permit for Myiachi, which if granted means that we cannot apply for a second “special talent” permit.  Whatever happens the signing of Campbell is great news, he is young, strong and athletic, just what we require.

Hill-Wood also gave an indication as to the frustration over the Cesc transfer, which has rumbled on for over a year.  Barcelona have offered us £26M, yes a paltry £26M, not because they have no money, but they are still hurting that he left them for small fee 8 years ago and that since then we have taken a couple more of their academy players.  In the eye of Barca the difference in valuations, £14M, equates to £6M for Bellerin and Toral, rather than the €1M we agreed and have paid, and £8M is what we should have paid Barca when Cesc joined us as a 16 year old.  Barcelona begrudge paying us £40M for a player who they consider to be theirs!  Arsenal need to make a public statement that unless the deal is agreed by next week-end, then Cesc will be staying at Arsenal for the 2011/12 season.  This needs to be made clear to Fabregas and his representatives and if they are not happy with the situation then they can speak to Barcelona to increase their offer.

At long last we are seeing some movement on the transfer front.  It will be amazing if we go into the new season with Gervinho, Mata, Nasri and Fabregas, that will be an awesome squad.

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  1. Awesome indeed, but how possible is it?

  2. good from arsenal CM in 48 hours d deal of Juan mata will be finalise.

  3. If Arsenal could sign Mata AND JAG

  4. Awesome indeed,how do we belive mr wenger with all his fabricated rumour?

  5. It will be very good season to us if AW will sign Mata and Jagielka and the stay of our captain as well. We’ll end up our trophies’s drought next season with these players in the squad.

  6. Ha ha I enjoy reading old articles! three weeks on and two players sold no one bought!!! Ha HA HA only its not funny

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