Wenger’s Week With Destiny

When the season came to a close, Arsene stated that we needed a bit more strength and experience in the squad, in particular in defence.  The old sage has since enlightened us with the fact that he will be busy this summer, this was then refined that most business will be done at the end of July .  Le Professer told us that we will bring in one more defender (f we can) and that he wishes to keep Cesc and Nasri.

These were the titbits that gave us all hope that changes were afoot, players will come in and deadwood would leave.

Three weeks before the start of the season and we need to take stock of where we are.

Clichy has left to Manchester City, Eboue is about to leave for Galatasaray and could be joined there by ArshavinCesc is so desperate to leave that it is affecting his fitness as he is suffering with a hamstring that has not cleared up after 3 months treatment. Nasri has made it clear via his representatives that he will not sign a new contract and will leave next summer on a Bosman.  How can Arsenal allow this to happen, this is a disgrace and we should sell Nasri. Denilson has not been able to find any clubs willing to pay for him, so it is a season long loan to Sao Paulo for him, whilst Bendtner is also struggling to find anyone prepared to pay a fee. Also due to leave is our mercurial goalkeeper Almunia.

That is eight first team squad players that will be absent at the start of the season.  Added to this list are the possible departures of Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and more worrying is the possible transfer of Henri Lansbury.

The departure of these two youngsters is something that all Arsenal fans need to be worried about, they follow the long list of youngsters sold without being given the opportunity to prove themselves.  What is it with Arsene and our home-grown players, why are bothering with a youth academy if just sells them once thy turn 19 or 20? The coaches at Hale End must be pulling their hair out. Lansbury was a pivotal member of the under-21 team for England this summer and now he is being shown the door, this is a DISGRACE.

So how busy has Arsene been in the transfer market?  We have managed after a very long time to sing Gervinho a transfer that took so long so of us doubted it would ever happen. Also added to the squad is Carl Jenkinsson, and that is it.

We have been linked with Chris Samba, Gary Cahill, Phil Jagielka, Ricardo Alvarez, Juan Mata, Santi Carzola, Matthieu Valbuena, Jose Enrique and Joel Campbell.  Many sources have stated that we have been in discussions with these players, their clubs or their representatives.  What has been the outcome? Alvarez went to Inter Milan because we were not prepared to pay the extra £1.5M wanted by his club.  Samba, Cahill and Jagielka we have been making silly offers for these players, not really re-assuring if you are one of these players to know that Arsenal are not really prepared to push the boat out for you. Mata has a release clause of £23M, so we are prepared to offer £15M.

It is the same old story, someone at the club is not prepared to pay the extra money to secure the players we need.  Who is this someone, Wenger or Gazidis or both?  Whoever it is it is a disgrace.  This club has lost major players every season and has not replaced them, there is only so long a club can paper over the cracks, if we do not bring in players of quality this summer then Wenger will have to answer to the fans not the board for his failure to buy this summer.

This is the week that Arsene said he will do business, Monday has gone and still no players, time is running out and the fans patience is wearing thin.

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  1. Wenger and the board should make hay when the sun shines.It’s high time they get their acts 2gether and buy quality players.Fab or Samir stays,let’s just have alternative 2 the duo because a stitch in time saves millions.high time they get their acts 2gether and buy quality players.Fab or Samir stays,let’s just have alternative 2 the duo because a stitch in time saves millions.

  2. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Where do you get your arrogant,ill-informed, knee-jerk opinions from…your bowels? There are so many contradictions and unsupported statements in your crap blog that it is hard to find a place to start tearing it apart!

    1)How can Arsenal allow this to happen- how can they prevent it? Contracts are not worth the paper they’re printed on, agents control the players NOT the club,tapping up and golden parachute recruiting of other clubs’ stars is common money, how can Any club fight against this? your lazy punditry is simply playing on the blame game without any rational thought!
    2)Eboue,Denilson,Bendtner,Almunia – you along with countless other morons have been crying for AFc to get rid of them THEN when that starts to happen, you condemn AFC and AW for letting it happen. Stop this shite and be consistent, not consistently ambiguous!
    3)Neither JET or Lansbury are actually confirmed to leave BUt you make it sound as if we are leaking all our talent out,minute by minute! Stupidity is your forte isn’t it! We have 41-44 players on the AFC -EPL list of whom half are under 21’s or homegrown. We have too many players who aren’t going to make it to the first team, we send out 8-10 on loan each year and we have the entire Youth team full to the brim. We bring in 50% youth players than we let go….again you’ve failed to do your research!
    4)Whoever it is it is a disgrace.  This club has lost major players every season and has not replaced them……….YOU ARE THE ONLY DISGRACE HERE! AFC have brought in far better players than they let go since 2006 and have spent a reasonable amoutn doing so…if you need the actual data and stats go to Untold Arsenal or SwissRambler to see the hard facts,not drag them out of your febril imagination, you wanker!

    This article is pure shite and gloomer-doomer Gooner pessimism….rotten from start to finish!

    • northbanklegend

      1. Allowing deadwood to leave is good, but where are the replacements?
      2. JET has LEFT, Lansbury is rumoured to be on the way out too. Look at the facts since 1997 when Wenger took over Ashley Cole, Kierran Gibb and Jack Wilshere have come through our academy to the first team. Yet dross like Denilson, Eboue, Bendtner etc have been given years to prove themselves
      3. Arsenal departures since our last trophy success – Bergkamp, Pires, Cole, Henry, Hleb, Ljungberg, Gilberto, Campbell, Toure – who has come in an proven to be a success in this period?

      The club is in a mess, Nasri and Clichy were allowed to enter their last year of their contracts. Walcott and Van Persie are entering that period, unless they sign new contracts we will have goundhog day next summer with both players ready to run the contracts down.

      Our transfer policy this summer has been pathetic. The Ricardo Alvarez and Joel Campbell sagas show that we do not have the executives to tie up a transfer or keep it quiet until the deal is completed. We were told by Wenger and Gazidis that this will be a busy summer, instead of players coming in, we have seen players leaving or wanting to leave. WE have been lied to summer after summer in terms of transfers.

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