Nasri Stays – Until 31 August At Least

Wenger made a bold statement on Monday; Nasri is not going anywhere this summer.  When asked whether he was going to sign a new contract, Wenger said he hopes so but it is not up to Wenger.   We have, reportedly, on the table offers from Manchester City and Manchester United in the region of £20M; in addition there is interest from Italy.  Alex Ferguson has gone on record to state that Nasri will not join Manchester United and that he has agreed terms with another club (this could be Arsenal, but I doubt it).

So what is Arsene’s plan?  Does he hope that we will start the season like a runaway train and by October having swept all before us; Nasri comes to his senses and signs a new contract?  This is a massive gamble by Wenger.

Are the board really prepared to kiss goodbye to £20M, knowing that come January Nasri can sign a pre-contract agreement and leave for zero next summer.  Then next summer we will have to spend £20M to replace Nasri.  The board is under a duty of care to its shareholders to prevent this sort of scenario occurring.

Whilst this statement from Wenger has forced Manchester United to look elsewhere and has stabilised the squad for the current tour, I do not believe that the neither board nor Wenger will let Nasri stay at Arsenal if he has not signed a new contract this summer.

The loss of Nasri now, will be such a huge blow to the squad that we will not recover in time for the start of the season, especially as Wenger appears reluctant to sign any player, never mind a real playmaker in the mould of Nasri or Fabregas.

Do not be surprised to see the Nasri sale sneak through on transfer deadline day and Wenger will then spend the autumn and winter months saying he was unable to bring in a replacement in such a short period of time.

Yes Wenger is purely duping us over Nasri so that there is no massive uproar as we sell both Cesc and Nasri, whilst bringing nobody in other than promoting young Frimpong and Lansbury.

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  1. yes wenger as been doing thing for some years now he try to be fast on people but that is wrong he is really killing the club and the fans all

  2. sheldon castillo

    I find it very interisted that you choose to single out Frimpong & lansbury.
    When Ashavin Ricisky & Ramsey,cant make Arsenal starting eleven…
    Ramsey & wilshere will in the ( not to distant future )become what Iniesta & xazi are to barsa…
    Wile i would love for Narsi to stay what it does it keeps Ramsey on the bench. He needs playing time to grow…..
    Arsenal can afford to loose one of Narsi or Cesc this tear…Even on a free next year…
    If Ramsey become the player we expect him to become the the 20 million gamble would seem like a master stroke by Wenger.
    Then we will would not have to by a replacement for Nasri..( would we )????

  3. I HAVE HAD IT WITH WENGER……SELL NASRI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is not anything special, he can’t even dribble or pass with his left foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST AND SACK WENGER! am I the only Arsenal fan going crazy right now?

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