Gervinho Medical At Arsenal

The long awaited signing of Gervinho is to be announced this afternoon, with the Ivory Coast striker undergoing a medical at Arsenal.  Terms between the player and the between the clubs  have been agreed, so unless there is something that crops up in the medical, Gervinho will be our first signing of the summer.

Gervinho will add pace, aggression and flexibility, as he will be able to play anywhere along the front-line. A good addition the squad.

Arsenal fans have been looking forward to a some good news this summer, and hopefully this is only the start of the buying season for Arsenal.

It has been reported that Nasri gave Gervinho glowing reports about Arsenal and that they are friends.  Could this be the signing that proves to Nasri that we are moving in the right direction or do we need to bring in Cahill too before Nasri commits to a new contract, even if the contract is conditional as were the Henry and Cole contracts.

Any other signings will be either this week, prior to the Asia tour or in a fortnights time when the squad returns.

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  1. Carl jenkinson must be getting a bit pissed off with people saying that gervinho will be arsenal’s first signing this year

  2. I hope this good news, but i would love to see love to see samba, William and Tiago

  3. Waaaaooooohhhh…i cant just wait to hear the official announcement of Gervinho lol

  4. About f###### time & gervinio will be the 2nd signing including jenkins. now 4 more needed come on wenger a gk & cm Cahill or samba juan mata & chambelaine
    Simpl We want 60m for fab & Nas but atleast we still be going for it this season with some muscle

  5. I like to hear dis announcement dis afternoon

  6. i think for the first time in wenger’s life he did a good job. keep it up sir arsene

  7. this is what fans want to hear, hope we will sign Mata, cahill,and other good player. am sure nasiri will now sign the new contract. goners for life.

  8. I am a little biy worried that this Gervinho is another injury prone players, afterall this is hes 8th medical at Arsenal now so something is obviously up!!

    In recent seasons when a player is having a medical there is always a photo floating around at the player actually turning up at the emirates, makes me believe that there’s probably going to be a medical no 9 and all you retarded bloggers will get straight on it like this blog never existed….

  9. I’m still expectting in official.

  10. I am not going to fly and testify untill it is done.l mean the official announcement by Arsenal! But l will rather drop this: Cahill,Chambarline,Motta signatures will as well cool Nasri thirst. I can’t just wait to here good news! Gooners for life!

  11. Olaleye adekunle m

    Tanx 4 singing gervinho

  12. I will believe it and any other rumours ONLY when I see it on!

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