Cesc Threatens to Go on Strike

Fabregas is threatening to do an Anelka and go on strike if Arsenal do not agree to sell him to Barcelona.  The words did not come from Cesc but from one of his entourage and reported in the Catalan press.

Despite Cesc’s protestations that he is happy at Arsenal and any move will be up to Wenger to decide, clearly he is lying and if he refused to return to training then he will join the likes of Anelka in the list of hated ex-Arsenal players.

This will be a shame and a sorry end to his career at Arsenal, a club that signed him at 16, and gave him the stage upon which to display his talents.  Remember Arsenal sold Vieira to allow Cesc the freedom of midfield, a period of time that has coincided with our drought of trophies.

Cesc is putting Wenger, supposedly his mentor, into a position in which we will have to accept a fee of around £30M.  Wenger and Arsenal should make it clear to Cesc and Barcelona that we have a valuation for Fabregas and that value must be met, be it cash and players or straight cash.  If Cesc does not accept this then he needs to hand in a transfer request and stop hiding comments which clearly are just lies.

Arsenal Football Club have survived the departure of greater players than Cesc, players who have left with dignity.

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  1. I just hope that’s not true, catalan press releases some crap stuff somtimes, but it shoul be carefull that holding Wenger is définitly not a good move

  2. Yeah I was fed up when it was Vieira will he go or will he stay.. Now it’s Cesc. The thing is Vieira was twice as good and a bigger loss than Fabregas will ever be. Get rid spend the half the cash on an adequate replacement.

  3. Arsene should let the Spaniard go. Arsenal as a football team should decease from buying Spanish players. Reyes did the something.

  4. I’m just so fed up with all this saga, I used to like the guy but he is now my on my list of ex Arsenal players I hate, why because he is fooling us , pretending he is happy @ Arsenal when he is clearly not. He has contributed 80% into Arsenal not winning anything for 6 good years, last season being the worst in his short career @ Arsenal
    I hope Wenger has learnt a lesson in bringing him and made him the person he is today then reward him with such dishonesty. Wenger should release the dog to join other dogs

  5. nicely said

  6. He’s not threatening anything, and he told the Spanish press that he WOULD NOT do such a thing a week ago. This article is more shit-stirring rubbish. And really @Zoe? Cesc Fabregas is 80% responsible for our trophy drought? You’re a buffoon, the worst kind of Arsenal “supporter”.

  7. its up to arsenal….as much as we have failed to signed so many other lesser players that we wanted that were playing in small clubs…we failed to meet their valuation…end of, explains why Swatzer is still at Fulham, Samba at Blackburn and why OxChamberlain still aint at Arsenal….no contracted player can jus walk out to the club theyd rather be on solely the terms of the buying team

  8. So now we have to believe to some Catalan tabloid instead of Cesc. DOn’t you , moron, realise that exactly what they are trying to do? To unsettle supporters and player so they can get him on board. Stop spreading your rubbish comments, without even link to the Catalan source, or just rename your stupid blog to Spuds News.

  9. Where are the quotes – this story is pure speculation with no evidence, just like the story that arsenal are willing to sell cesc – yes tgere is a quote earlier in the article, but the actual sentence re. accepting a bid nothing. Loads of rubbish

  10. IF its true, i pity Fab b’se he might be a true judas iscariot. imagine the chances given to him by wenger at the expense of trophies and gunners fans. alass in uganda we say ” bAYUDAH TUYETTA NABOO”.

  11. if barca is really cueing cesc to carry out a strike, and the news is out, why is nobody investigating it? this is clearly against transfer related rules. remember how chelsea was fined big time for approaching players without consent of their teams? oh are you telling me that Arsenal allows Barca to do this to Cesc?

  12. let wenger not listen to wat cesc says. if he need him, let him be in the club bt if he z not needed. let him go. if i was wenger i would not allow him 2 go & i would buy a replacement so fabz would be on the bentch for the whole season, and see if barca will be wanting him nest season. so that all players may learn a good lesson and know how 2 respect

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