Arsenal Sign Alvarez?

Late May the news hit the internet and other media outlets that Arsenal had signed Velez Sarsfield winger Ricardo Alvarez.  The story soon became muddied by talks of other clubs interested in the player; the story continued that Arsenal executive Richard Laws had visited Argentina but broke off talks once the figure of £12M was mentioned.

Was this another transfer never to happen?  Last week Buenos Aires radio station stated that Alvarez will join a Premier League club this week. In this week’s Ole, Velez Sarsfield has confirmed that talks are on-going with Arsenal and that Arsenal has made a formal bid for the player. The complications according to Velez Sarsfield are that one or two other clubs are interested but also there are numerous people involved.

It is rumoured that mega-bucks Malaga have been sniffing around Alvarez, but today in stories circulating in the Italian media, Palermo supremo Maurizio Zamparini has stated that Arsenal have secured Alvarez.

Zamparini interview with Naples Radio Kiss Kiss were reported in Tuttosport:

“Alvarez? We had a specific interest we had in hand as early as January. Unfortunately, our mistake we did a quick run at the moment and has already signed for the ‘Arsenal’. ”

Could this be true? One thing is for sure, no news of Arsenal transfers will emerge until 1 July when the international transfer window officially opens. Remember when we signed Nasri, even though it was widely reported, and the club even uploaded a profile of Nasri by mistake on, it was not until after the transfer window opened.

Hopefully we will see activity once 1st July comes around.



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  1. from what i can see from the obvious and what i can gather from reports, he looks like a class act. The type of player we need i think (concerning the left at least!)

  2. Just watched a YouTube video of Ricky and I’m very impressed I hope this is true but with the way things have been going I’m not gonna hold my breath

  3. well personally its better than some of the names flying about. Not that they aren’t decent players but i think our ambitions are a bit low!

  4. Wenger or Vengar i dont care what is his name is messing with AFC. Can somebody shout near his ears that we need exprienced players. Im Mad!

  5. Goddamned, if he’s coming then Gervinho won’t come. I’d much rather pick Gervinho, a proven striker, compared to some kid who scored 5 goals in 40+ appearances in the Argentinian league….

  6. Alvarez has pace, skill, trickery, finishing and stands at an impressive 6’2. He can offer something different to the Arsenal attack and at 23 years of age is likely to be around for a long time yet.

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