Transfer Activities Hit the Buffers

It’s not time to panic, the transfer window does not officially open until 1st July, the season only finished 4 weeks ago, however, signs of a busy summer as stated by both Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis, we not seen.

Matters started well with Arsenal rumoured to have agreed a deal for Argentine winger Ricardo Alvarez. This was followed by reports of our interest in Christopher Samba and Gervinho being widely mooted in the media.  This was then followed by claims that Arsenal had agreed to signing of Southampton youngster Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.  Apparently we matched Blackburn Rovers’ valuation of Phil Jones, £16M, but he opted for Old Trafford.  The early signs were good, Wenger was making “positive” inquiries and was prepared to spend money on players.

Then this week, when expected to see Arsenal announce the signing of Gervinho and Samba, we are confronted the same old problems.

Last week Lille allowed Gervinho to discuss terms with Arsenal, we even had reports that a £10.6M fee had been agreed, today we read that Lille want £14M.  Arsenal are not prepared to pay this sum for a player with one year left on his contract, so we have impasse. Does this sound familiar? Wind back the clock to 2009 and the Chamakh saga, where once again we valued a player in the last year of his contract a few million pounds less than his club.  The result, no signing and regretting it when our strikers couldn’t score.

Chris Samba was widely reported as a done deal, his club stated that he wants to play for Arsenal; he wants to play Champions League football.  All the omens were there, except now it appears that Blackburn value Samba at £12M and we value him at £10M.  Blackburn are also stating they have no need to sell Samba.

Ricardo Alvarez came out of left field, a player so far below the media radar, he was on the floor! From reports stating that he was available on a free transfer, to Arsenal men going out to discuss and close the move to a position that Velez Sarsfield want £12M for the player and now other clubs hovering around.

Oxlade-Chamberlain was reported to have agreed a deal and the transfer was to be announced on 1st July.  Then reports started to emerge that the clubs had not agreed a fee, Southampton want around £12M (this appears to the sum for any transfer this summer), Arsenal offering £10M.

This sounds like the same summer transfer activity, plenty of links, fans hopeful that this is the summer when Wenger spends and strengthens the squad, only to realise that the manager and board will not spend the extra £2M-£3M per player to secure the signings we need.

There is plenty of time before we start bombarding the forums and radio call-ins over the lack of transfer activity.  What we fans want to see is some decisiveness in the transfer market, the sort of activity that we saw in Wenger’s first summer in 1997 when he bought 7 players to transform the squad.

Things can change so quickly, within a matter of days, so it is not all doom and gloom yet!

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  1. very stupid policy that Wenger follows to sign players will not have
    any thing visible in the success of the club. Damn Wenger!

  2. pls sack wenger and replace him with a better coach that can sign quality players

    • northbanklegend

      I think that fans have reached the end of their tether with Wenger, this season is a do or die season for Arsene. I think his contract runs out soon and then he will leave and join PSG in a director of football capacity

  3. You clowns and moaners! The transfer window closes in August 28th and you are already groaning and whining about no transfers. Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa. we want some signings or we’ll trhow our toys out of the pram, waahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa!
    Get a life you tossers and learn a bit of patience, discretion and respect for AFC.

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