End the Fabregas Saga

The annual Fabregas to Barcelona saga is full swing, but there is a difference.  Barcelona are not prepared to pay anything near Cesc’s true value.

Barcelona kicked off the Cesc transfer with a plea of poverty; they only have £45M to spend on all transfer activities.  This was directed at the Arsenal board, because whilst the Catalan outfit pleased poverty to Arsenal, they were busy trying to sign Rossi from Villarreal for £40M, Alexis Sanchez from Udinese for £35M and now David Luiz from Chelsea for £25M.

A new tactic from Barcelona is stating that as Cesc is a year older, his value has dropped! This might be the case if a player was approaching 30, but Cesc is just coming into his prime.

Barcelona have also got their PR machine into operation stating that Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal and join Barcelona.

Our beloved Chairman has entered the fray to say that Barcelona have made contact with Arsenal over the potential transfer of Fabregas.

All omens are there for a transfer of our captain, more importantly our manager has remained relatively quiet over the matter.  Turn back the clock to the annual pursuits of Vieira and Henry, every summer Wenger would bombard the press that they are not for sale, as he has done in the past for Fabregas.  The only summers that Wenger was quiet on the matters was when Vieira was on a plane Juventus bound and Henry had agreed terms with Barcelona in a London hotel.

This summer we have the same silence from Wenger, so it is only a matter of time and money.  Barcelona need to do the honourable thing and pay Arsenal the going rate for Fabregas and take back to the Nou Camp.

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  1. Arsenal shud buy Benzema for sure Gooners for life !!

  2. He will not leave now or even in the next 2 years,

  3. Arsenal is a worst selling club in the world, always concentrate on business.
    Bloody AW is waiting for good money for Fab.

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