Lansbury Next Young Gooner on the Blocks

The media made a big fuss when Liverpool secured the signing of Jordan Henderson for a fee in the region of £20M from Sunderland.  Some people even questioned whether Arsenal had been left behind in this deal.  Arsenal fans remained silent, not out of shock at missing out on a good player, but because we all knew we had at least three British players on our books better than Henderson.

Jack Wilshere is the first and obvious player, a player that could go on to dominate English football for many years.   Close behind him in a ability is Aaron Ramsey the Wales captain, but Arsenal fans also know that another one of our youngsters is primed for greatness… Henri Lansbury.

Lansbury joined Arsenal at the age of 9 and has made steady progress through the ranks.  Lansbury is a strong, tall and skilful midfielder who has served his apprenticeship at Scunthorpe, Watford and Norwich City, playing over 80 games and scoring 14 goals in the last three seasons. Not bad for a 20 year old.

In the recent European Under-21 Championships, in his infinite wisdom Stuart Pearce only used Lansbury as a substitute in every game.  In every game when Lansbury came on England looked more creative, with Lansbury not shirking his responsibilities and going for goal at every opportunity. Henderson on the other hand showed very little creativity and did not look a £20M player.

Next season is a crucial season for Lansbury, he has the ability to break into the first team and hold down a regular spot, be is as a defensive midfielder, an attacking creative player or even out on the wings. Lansbury will talk with Wenger on his return about his future at Arsenal and his role for next season.

In the past Wenger has opted for overseas players over home grown talent, Denilson was given five years to prove himself at Arsenal whilst Muamba and Larsson were shipped out without any opportunities and in the long run Wenger was proven wrong in letting them go and keeping Denilson. Let us hope that this is not the case with Lansbury.

Lansbury if given the chance will show Arsenal and Wenger what he can do, the question is will Wenger give him that opportunity.

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  1. Bravo!!! Good thinking and analasis all roiund

  2. Dude Muamba is garbage… Larson is alright but not any better than a Downing or a Ashley Young so if we got him it would have been Wenger being cheap again. But where I do agree Lansbury is ridiculously skillful and very underated his versatility may push Frimpong out of the team.

    • northbanklegend

      Is Muamba better than Denilson? Yes, Muamba is of equal abiltiy as Diaby, diaby is lazy and only puts in performances when it suits him also Muamba is young and could have developed more at Arsenal

  3. too slow and lazy?

  4. cant understand why pearce only used lansbury as a sub, he bought the game to life, imagine what the games would of been like if he had been playing full time, (we might of won), hope arsene sees his potential.

  5. Far be it from me to critisise someone who puts his head above the parapet to write a blog,but if you think Larson is better than Denilson,why is he available on a free transfer while some poor club is going to have to pull up £9milion for Denilson??
    It shows a remarkable detachment from reality that you could even think it.. What is certain the more hard headed business brains in football done agree with you.

    • northbanklegend

      What I am saying is that Wenger gave Denilson 5 years to show what he could at Arsenal, whilst Muamba and Larsson were given no opportunities. Larsson on a free is because Brimingham did not want him anymore, he ran down his contract.

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