Vermaelen Should Be Arsenal Captain

Whether Cesc stays or go, Wenger needs to re-examine as to who his captain should be next season.

The appointment of Cesc as with henry was on the basis that they were best players, so in trying to keep them longer they were given the captain’s armband.  Much in the way that the best player in the playground is made captain so was Cesc.

Cesc is the talisman of the team, the fulcrum of all our moves, but is he really captain material?  Does he inspire and drive his team-mates forward?  When the going gets tough does he organise the team or does he merely let things take their natural course of events?

The man Wenger needs to appoint as captain is not van Persie or Nasri, both of whom have deputised for Cesc, but Vermaelen.

Vermaelen plays in the heart of the defence, he sees what is happening, he can organise the defenders and midfielders.  When he plays he is constantly talking, communicating and leads by example. He never shirks a challenge, he throws himself in front of shots, and he is a good footballer.

Arsenal need a captain who would scream at the players if things are not going well, the captain needs to cajole players and inspire them.  Vermaelen is the answer and Wenger needs to open his eye and appoint him captain.

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  1. that is true Varmalean is perfect i feel if we just made kolo toure captain instead of gallas we could have had a vermalen toure defenve and would be strong at the back but wenger was too proud and he gave gallas the captancy to his fellow frenchman …..

  2. Agree!

  3. LionCity Gunner

    Well said maid. I fully agree your post.

  4. thomas vermaelen shouldn’t be captain if cesc stays, maybe he will be able to do the job in a year or so but not now, anyway arsene cant take the captaincy away from cesc, he is a great captain and will be even better as he gets older. if cesc goes thats a differant thing, but then if that happened i would want robin as captain.


  6. Wenger should throw away selfish fabregas even sell him and apoint van persie the captain and veamalean his deputy.

  7. Fabrigas should still remain as the captain

  8. Vermaelen is a good choice but i think it should be sagna. He is very experienced and probably the most faithful to the club!

  9. I totally agree with u but d prob is that if u dun make cesc or persie the captain..they will eventually question d importance of themselves in d squad which will eventually lead to rifts in d team…
    But still wenger needs to step up n do wat is required to win rather than just worryin about peoples’ egos.

  10. Brilliant, I have been saying exactly that to my mates. Spot on. Tony Adams was a brilliant Captain who lead from the back and lead by example.

  11. the captain of arsenal next session is vermalein

  12. This is one of the most accurate articles i’ve read! .. To be perfectly honest ALL gooners should want fabregas out of The Arsenal. And another reason he should not be captain is that why would you want to have a player that does not want to play for your club and wants to play for your continental rivals should be no means be club captain. I JUST WANT CESC GONE!

  13. I agree with that.I think wenger should let cesc go to where ever he said he wants to go to,and give the captain ban to Robin and vermelean his deputy.

  14. Horlaryhinkaa

    I agree with you,coz cesc does nt bhave lyk a captain.4 example luk at our 2nd leg against barca,all dey are doing 4 our player he didnt complain,dat waz 1 of d reason y van persie collected red card.

  15. Agree with some of the comments… Van Persie for Captain – he has the drive and the intensity. Most importantly he is loyal to the team. I think he has more than earned it. Vermaelen co-captain – maybe – if he plays well and stays healthy through next season. Maybe even promote him to co-captain during the season if he plays well and does a good job. He will shout and organize the defense and the midfield regardless, so no need to promote him too early. Make him earn it.

  16. Vamealen should be the captain &let Van persie be his vice.

  17. Yes Vermaelen

  18. Let the selfish cesc get lost to barca for £50m and give armband to van persie and let verm guide from behind… He can be captain next year…

  19. Agree !… I always agree if the Captain is from the CB or DM position.


    arsenal is the best f.ball side and all w.class footballer but without vermaelen no one have the quality of leadership .f.gas best m.fielder in the world but in the role of captain ? NOTHING

  21. Spot on bro!hweva i bliv vp hs bn rily dedicatd& comitd 2d club d4 shd b captain& verMACHINE his deputy.

  22. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    Vp should be the captain assisted by vermelin and wilshere. All d captains that i’v ever seen has strenght,but cesc dont even have strenght not to talk of comanding respect.

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