Nasri Give Positive Hints At Staying

The one signing Arsenal fans are waiting to hear happen is Samir Nasri signing a new contract.

In an interview with the club magazine, we do not know when this was done, Nasri certainly gave some strong hints that he will sign a new contract.

Nasri spoke about showing people that last season was not a one off, whilst this might be taken as a determination to prove himself to Arsenal fans, it can also be taken as he can perform well at another club. “As a player, it is hard to stay at the top of your game,” he revealed. “I don’t want last season to be just a one-off. I want to continue playing at my best and be consistent at the level I was at the start of last season. This is the difference between a good player and a great player – and I know the expectations will be higher on me too.”

When he spoke to the Arsenal Magazine it was inevitable that he would be complimentary about the squad, “As a team, we all realise now what we need to do to win a trophy,” he continued. “We had everything to be champions, but if you look at it, every time we played to go top of the league, we never did. In terms of talent, I feel Arsenal had the best squad of the whole league. We played the best football. We were the best team, even if Manchester United had a good season too.

“We have improved so much, and if the boss adds some good players, I really believe a trophy will be won.”

Nasri gave Arsenal fans more Hope and optimism stating that it was agreed that a new contract would be discussed this summer and we should not believe everything that is written in the newspapers.


“There is not much to say apart from don’t listen to all the rumours and everything that is written or said,” Nasri said to Arsenal’s official club magazine. “Earlier in the season I spoke with the boss and we said we would talk during the summer, which is what we are going to do.”

Whilst everything Nasri says is positive, remember that this is an interview with Arsenal Magazine, he is not likely to tell the in-house magazine that he is not happy with the squad and is looking to move on, so take his comment with a pinch of salt.

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  1. Arsenal should pls resign nasri the guy is good player

  2. Nasri should stay at Emirate while Cesc fabregas should go away.

  3. whatever it takes to keep Nasri, arsene and arsenal board should do and keep him course, it is our brightest hope and weapon in the club. Nasri you are too much.

  4. Please Wenger do something and take LORIK CANA because he is leaving from Galatasaray. Lorik Cana can play as e DM and in the center of defense. For 5 milion pounds and Cana is in Arsenal’s hands! He has experience and was captain of Marseille and Sunderland! Don’t forget to ask Samir Nasri for him if someone doubt on him! Have a watch on this clip:

  5. Samir is better than cesc bt both should stay for Gunners to win a trophy.

  6. Frank chikezie

    Pls sm 1 shld stop saying dis trash ok dat nasiri is better than fabrigas in wat way jst dribling aspect plz give me a break wat fabrigas does on d pitch nasri can’t do half ,we need both of dem 2 stay. Nasri is greedy but fabrigas is nt, he just want wenger 2 buy xperience 2 win truphies ok

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