Wenger Needs to Buy Wickham

The young striker Wenger needs to turn his attention to is Ipswich Town’s Connor Wickham.

Arsenal fans got a couple of close-up looks at this player when we played Ipswich in the carling Cup, and even though he played on the wing supporting the lone striker he showed us he has everything needed to be a top class striker.  Wickham has strength, speed, determination and importantly an eye for goal.  He is 18 years old and 6ft 3”.  Unlike our “world class” striker Bendtner, Wickham works all the time, never shirks a challenge and scores goals.

Arsenal are not the only club chasing this west country youngster, Harry Redknapp is always sniffing around Arsenal targets as is Kenny Dalglish. Wenger should open discussions with Ipswich Town, especially if as some reports claim, Ipswich will do business at around £12M, the same fee that we are asking for Bendtner.  I know who I would prefer at the Emirates next season.

Wickham could easily play alongside van Persie, in an orthodox 4-4-2 or even play the lone striker, he is built for that sort of role.  Wickham has played out on the wing for Ipswich using his strength and speed to cut inside and score or create goals and that is a role he can perform for Arsenal.

Arsenal are looking at selling both Carlos Vela and Niklas Bendtner, Connor Wickham would be the ideal signing to replace both players. All the is needed is for Wenger to make a decent bid and start the ball rolling.

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  1. We have young players like Watt , Jay Thomas, Afobe, Giles Sunu and Luke Freeman who are far much better than this guy but they are not getting any chances to play! Why the hell should we fork out 12m for him to be loaned back or stay on the bench?

    • northbanklegend

      Sanchez Watt and Jay Thomas will not make the first team, that is a fact. Giles Sunu is a make or break season. Afobe is a great prospect and he needs a season or two in the Championship to prove he can score goals.
      Wickham is awesome and we cannot pass up on the chance to sign him

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