Cesc Time to Go

Another transfer window means will Cesc go or will he stay.  This is become repetitive and tedious.  Many Arsenal fans are sick and tired of the annual Barcelona attempt to poach our captain for nothing!

Last summer was the summer we all thought Cesc would leave, he even asked to leave and told Arsene to his face he wanted to leave, or so the stories go.  Fabregas was too clever to go public and risk the wrath of the Arsenal fans.  When he never got his move he knuckled down and turned in a mediocre performance for most of the season, culminating in his pathetic flick at the Nou Camp that turned the tie against Arsenal.

Barcelona have made it clear they only has €45M to spend on all players this summer, knowing that this sum is not enough to prise away the former player from Arsenal.  This claim of poverty does not stop Barcelona trying to buy Guiseppe Rossi for €35M.

There has been talk of Barcelona offer £30M plus two players, but Guardiolla is reluctant to let any of his youngsters leave the Nou Camp, in case they turn out like Cesc and it costs Barcelona £30M to bring each one back “home”.  The Barcelona board are sick and tired of Pep’s annual obsession with Cesc and his reluctance to offer players in exchange to make the deal happen.

From Arsenal’s perspective we have heard that Wenger wants to keep Cesc, he has stated that his captain has a long contract and is not going anywhere.  Many supporters however, suspect that a gentleman’s agreement was struck last summer between Cesc and Wenger in that Fabregas will be allowed to leave this summer if the offer meets Arsenal’s valuation.

Cesc is playing a blinder this summer.  He is saying all the right things, “I just know that I am very happy where I am, if I tell you more I would be lying to you. Anything else would be speculation that is untrue because at this moment I have nothing else to add except that I am an Arsenal player and I’m very happy there.”

Cesc put the ball firmly in Wenger’s court, “There have been no decisions. It doesn’t always depend on the player and at the moment I don’t know anything.”

“I am in a very difficult position. I am not going to talk so that a transfer happens. I think I made a mistake last year, because then things happened as they did, and you learn from mistakes,” he said in reference to last year’s attempt to bounce the club into selling him.

It is clear to everyone that Cesc would like to leave and leave this summer.  If this was not the case he should come out and say that he wants to honour the remainder of his contract unless the club decides to sell him.  That would end all speculation, but we know that will never happen.

What is the best outcome for Arsenal?

Arsenal have reached a crossroads with Cesc, we cannot allow this saga to continue every summer and because of the financial muscle being flexed this summer by AC Milan and Inter Milan and the interest that Real Madrid have registered in Fabregas, Arsenal should sell Cesc to the highest bidder.  A fee of £50M is not out of the question and it will flush out Barcelona’s real intentions. Arsenal can then present the various options to Cesc and tell him to either choose one of these clubs or sign a new extension to his contract and get a public statement from Cesc that he is committing his future to the club.

It is time Arsenal started to call the tune in the Cesc saga, not Barcelona who think they are entitled to Cesc on the cheap as he was one of their former players that we poached (something Barcelona have just done to Leeds United with Elliot Kebbie).

If Cesc goes there will not be many tears at the Emirates as we are sick and tired of this annual saga, plus in Wilshere we have a player that will be better than Cesc.


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  1. Cesc has been the biggest contract renel the Arsenal has ever seen whether he knows it or not. The would he or would he not saga is undoubtedly no good for the team. I just hope that AW gets wise and gets rid of him for the sake of the team. Wetehr or not he stays, Arsenal needs another captain. I am just sick and tired of the perenial debate.

  2. So Cesc thinks that not demanding a transfer shows that he is not a rebel. This is rediculous! The fact that he hasn’t demanded a transfer despite openly expressing the desire to leave at any given oportunity means that the pain is prolonged. He would be be doing us all a favour if he summons up enough balls to demand a move. The we can rebuild with only players who want to be at the Arsenal.

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