Sunday Rumours, Rumours, Rumours

Sunday, Sunday, the red tops are full of more rumours and transfer stories, so much contradiction it makes you want to scream.

The People are reporting that Samir Nasri is not after £110K a week as previously reported but a staggering £160K a week.  Well Samir if this is the case then it will be thanks for the memories but good-bye.  As good as you were last season you are not worth that a week, not now; perhaps if you performed like last season for two or three years then perhaps.  A warning Samir, remember what happened to Hleb and Flamini when they thought the grass was greener on the other side from the Emirates.  A bidding war for Nasri would see him leave for around £15M, money that Arsene would use to buy a similar player.

The People’s sister paper Sunday Mirror has a story saying that Wenger is confident that Nasri will sign a new contract.  So buy your paper and choose your outcome to this story.

TalkSPORT reported that we had done the deal for Gervinho, now it is reported that Harry Redknapp has had a higher offer rejected and Manchester City are prepared pay €18M for the player, whilst we are now reported to be ready to offer £12M for the Ivory Coast winger/ striker.  This story is driving me mad; Wenger either bid £12M and sign him or declare we do not have an interest in the player.

Several stories yesterday said that Birmingham City are prepared to let both Scott Dann and Roger Johnson are to be sold.  This led a rumour frenzy linking us to both players, as they are English traditional centre backs.  The fees around £12M each, The News of the World reporting that we are looking at Dann and are in competition with Liverpool for his signature!

Wenger will be better off sealing the Samba deal and quickly.  I do not understand why we are waiting so long.  The People are saying a deal is imminent; we have been waiting a fortnight for this to be concluded. The Samba deal involves two telephone calls, one to Blackburn Rover offering £10M and one to Samba giving him £40K a week.

The Mirror reported on Friday that we had agreed a £8m – £12M deal of Oxlade-Chamberlain, but for some obscure reason we are not to going to announce the deal until 1 July! The Sunday Mirror is reporting that Liverpool will sing the Southampton this week.

The Sunday Mail has re-ignited the Craig Gordon story, please no, that story has passed and Gordon has not been a resounding success story.

Finally, The Sunday Mirror has Arsenal and Tottenham linked with Denmark youngster Christian Eriksen.

The only person not talked about is Cesc. Expect a movement on this front over the next 10 days and it will be linked with Nasri signing a new contract.  Barcelona will offer around £30M-£35M plus one or two players and Wenger will accept as he will keep his word and let Cesc leave.

Another week gone in the transfer window and Arsenal are still not as busy as we had been led to believe. I hope this is not  deja vu in our annual summer transfer business.

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