Nasri Must Stay But Clichy Should Leave

We enter the transfer window with two of our players entering the last 12 months  of their contracts, Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy.

Arsenal fans are fretting over what is to become of Nasri.  The media has gone mad on linking him to Manchester United, even to the extent that they will offer us £8M for the playmaker.

That we have reached this situation is a disaster. Someone at the club needs their backside kicked, Nasri has been an important player since he joined, the club should have sat down and sorted out a new contract ages ago, instead we find ourselves trying to keep one of our best players, instead of trying to recruit more players.

Wenger told us that the wages offered, £90K a week, are an issue, but is this the only issue?  If Nasri is asking for £110K, then the club should offer him the money, it is petty to lose such a talent for £1M.  What would it cost to replace Nasri, more than £8M that Manchester United are offering us.

We cannot afford to allow Nasri to leave.

Gael Clichy on the hand is a player whom we can let go, but not to another Premier League club.  I have never been impressed with Clichy.  Whilst he is a fast defender, he has cost us too many goals through his slow thinking, starting with the last minute penalty against Birmingham City, which probably cost us the title.  Unlike Ashley Cole or Kierran Gibbs, Clichy does not know what to do when he is in the opponents’ half, he is not a naturally attacking player, just look at the number of goals scored and the lack of quality in his crosses.

When Clichy leaves, Gibbs will become the first choice left-back and he will develop into a world class player.  Gibbs is a product of the Arsenal academy, which means he will have greater loyalty towards Arsenal than Clichy.

Wenger should sell Clichy abroad, Real Madrid will be a good destination, and then use some of his wages to keep Nasri.

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  1. When on earth will u guys stop talking about players being loyal to their club,it makes me sick.
    HENRY sued a french newspaper bcos they published dat he signed for barca, later the deal came to fruition wit the exact amount they wrote.we all know Cashley so no need wasting my time writing about that greedy hunter

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