Kroenke One Small Step From Arsenal Ownership

It’s now or never for Arsenal Football Club.  Stan Kroenke has been mopping up small shareholdings over the last couple of weeks to raise his share in the club to 29.8%.  He is a fraction below the mandatory bid figure of 29.9%.

It was rumoured that he bought 100 shares from Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood; this is the same man who famously said, “We do not need his sort at this club.”  Hill-Wood has since been turned by Silent Stan and went as far as saying he would welcome a bid fro the club by Stan Kroenke, for which he got his knuckles rapped by the city Takeover Panel.

At the club’s AGM when asked about a possible takeover, Stan Kroenke remained silent on the matter, any comment would have meant he would be precluded fro many takeover for six months.

Any takeover of the club, and it is now becoming inevitable will hinge upon the three major shareholders, Danny Fiszman who has sold shares to Kroenke in the past and allegedly not been paid for tem), Alisher Usmanov who bought his shares from David Dein and finally Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith who was sacked from the board last year but has recently been seen in the directors box.

Arsenal fans want something to happen, but not at any cost.  What we do not wish to see is Kroenke’s company land Arsenal plc with the debt of him buying the club.  If we can have assurances that this will not happen, then Kroenke will be a good owner for Arsenal, and we know that he gets on well with Gazidis who is slowly changing things behind the scene.




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  1. Well, GOOD NEWS! I guess….??

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