Nasri on the Way Back

Tuesday night was a special night for Arsenal, not only because we took one more step towards the knock-out stage of the Champions League, but Samir Nasri played for Arsenal reserves away to Wolves.

Samir suffered a broken leg in pre-season before he was able to kick a ball, with Rosicky fitness unsure and Walcott suffering an injury; it was a severe blow to Arsenal fans. Nasri scored seven times last season for Arsenal, but a series of injuries prevented him getting into double figures.

Nasri’s absence has not been missed this season due to the form or Rosicky and Arshavin, but his return is anxiously awaited.  We know that he can play as one of the midfield trio or further forward, either way adding to our attacking abilities.

Nasri played for the reserves on Tuesday and lasted 58 minutes.  In the time he created a goal for fellow Frenchman Gilles Sunu. 

“I feel good,” Nasri said speaking to “I was a little bit tired at the end of the first half but I am so happy to be back on the pitch. It has been three months I was injured so I am really glad to be back.

“It has been difficult but I was always looking forward for a speedy recovery. I knew it would be hard but everyone was behind me and helping me so I am OK.

“I don’t know if I am ready yet for the first team. I need to play because nothing can replace the games. So I work well with Tony Colbert and now after one or two games I will be ready to come back to the first team.”

Wenger is in no hurry to force Nasri back especially as our next two league games are against London rivals West Ham and Tottenham.  A more likely outing for Samir will be some part in the Carling Cup match against Liverpool next Wednesday followed by another reserve appearance on 2nd November against Portsmouth.

Nasri will be fully fit by the beginning of November and will give Wenger additional options in midfield or attack.

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  1. This isn’t a response to your recent addition, but I read your posts all the time and think this is a great site for a gunner!! What you say is exactly what I think!! I would like to say that I really hope we get a new defender, Hangeland would fit the bill perfectly. Tommy V has already proved that he has the attitude to be an attacking player and I think that like how wenger turnered Toure from a midfield/winger to a world class center back he can do the same with Tommy V in turning him from a CD to a defencive midfielder and Tommy has everything to be one of the best DM in the world. Imagine our squad as it stands, but with Hangeland and gallas in the centre and Tommy V as the holding midfield. I truley beleive that that would have all other clubs shaking in their boots. Love this site keep it going!!

    Great site tho mate, read it every day, fair play to you = come on you gooners!!!!!!

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