The True Diaby is on Show this Season

Arsenal fans love scapegoats, rightly or wrongly.  Invariably these have been players on the fringe who the fans can’t wait to have a go at, from Perry Groves, Ray Parlour and last season Emanuel Eboue.  Towards the end of last season and for this season the bête noire of the fans has been Abou Diaby.

There is no justification for this.  When Diaby arrived he was automatically associated as Vieira’s replacement purely because he was big and was billed as a central midfielder. There the similarities end.

Diaby is more attack minded than Vieira and is never afraid to shoot.  He will always look to go forward and has immense confidence in his own ability to dribble past players.  It is this last attribute that infuriates Arsenal fans, because he will lose the ball in his attempt to go forward.  But the same criteria are never used against Arshavin or Walcott when they lose the ball, and if someone looked at the stats, they will see that Diaby loses the ball fewer times than Walcott or Arshavin or van Persie.

Diaby is a great midfielder and Arsenal fans should be proud to have him in our team.  His career at Arsenal has been blighted by injuries and he has often been played by Wenger a wide attacking player.  Now he is playing in a more central role, we are starting to see a different type of player; we are seeing the true Diaby.  Abou has already scored three goals this season and could have a few more, so it will be no surprise if he finishes the season in double figures.

Can he slot in to play the holding midfielder role that Song is playing at the moment?  I doubt he can perform that role as effectively as Song.  Diaby’s instincts are to attack, whilst the holding role requires discipline from the player not to go forward and leave his defence exposed.

What I say to the Diaby critics is judge Abou in three months time and then be objective about his contribution to the team.  As many people have commented he will become a truly world class midfielder.

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  1. Well said… But you must agree that rarely do we see the other players dribble deep in our half! And if Diaby does emerge as a class act, we’re happy. What riles me is ‘potential’ 4years since he came!

  2. Diaby does not show the commitment the other players show. He looks uninterested in the game someyime, i can’t wait for Nasri to take his place, because i am sure Wenger will never leave a fit Nasri on the bench for an inconsistent Diaby.

  3. He is here too long for us to be still talking about potential, it is time he delivers. he is the oldest if our young midfield and still the swowest to learn. Look at Song, Denilson and etal, they have improved immensely but still Diaby stays at the same level he came here.

  4. good article. agreed on all points. i would think that taller you are the more time it takes to develop those close quarters ball skills that arshavin, rosicky, and a few others possess. I do believe that abou can become class. this run of games is helping.

  5. He is simple donkey. Stubborn like AW. No chance for seeing him useful.

  6. Diaby has been awful this season. Up until now, the justification for him being so awful has been that he’s not being played in the right position, normally stuck out on the wing. Well, this season he’s been in the “correct” position, in the middle of midfield, and he’s still failed to impress.

    We’ve always had far better players than Diaby who can’t make the team (Parlour, Edu), backing bad players shows how far we’ve fallen.

    We pay for Champagne players, we deserve better than vinegar!

  7. We really saw a change to the side when denilson got injured and diaby stepped in. We clearly got weaker defensively but going forward we’re just amazing at the moment.
    Diaby isnt the perfect midfielder, but he only needs to make a few slight corrections to become really top class. Basically he needs to concentrate more and be a bit more forceful in defensive situations. Going forward he just needs to keep progressing naturally and he will be fantastic. He has similar qualities to zidane, he just needs to remain focussed for 90 minutes.
    Absolutely agree with the article. People are just dying to scapegoat someone.Diaby was crucified by many after the united game, when he actually played very well, and just made that one mistake. We should have been out of sight, and could have been a bit more fortunate with decisions (to say the least!).

  8. Really wish that so many of our co-fans can see the kind of player he’s already turning into as i think the runs of games he’s having is doing him good and i hope he continues. Diaby now track back to help the defence when underattack which he does’t before. The most important of all his that now he CARES more. Pls let’s not allow the booboys drive him away cos i love dis guy

  9. Awww cone on! You can’t be saying Arshavin loses the ball more than Diaby. Let’s not go overboard with this “support” thing. Untill he loses the ability to refuse to pass the ball at the right time, he’ll never be good enough. Skill is in abundance but decision making is so poor that you wonder why he was bought in the first place. He needs to recognise that there is a problem so lying to him will just kill him. Hleb had one very good season in arsenal and it was after he made a concerted effort to play 2 touch football (by his own admission). Diaby is so close to becoming a star……if only he could just discipline himself to 2 touches, as well as ease up on the crazy tackling. I watch…..anticpating..

  10. I like your positive thinking, his main negative is his focus. You can see his lapses put us on the backfoot. He has all the skills and has a great ability to get forward and score but sometimes he needs to release quiker and needs to learn to header the ball forward out of defense and not anywhere near our goals.

  11. Diaby is a good player. Its amazing watching him in full flow. Two things that bothers me though, 1) His decision making at times is scary. Dribbling past opponents from the edge of your own box looks amazing when it comes off, but when it doesnt you place your team (a team without the best defensive record) under excessive pressure. Then theres his inability to head the ball cleanly from within our own box. Eg. his own goal against Man U, almost scoring one off the shoulder AGAIN in champions league on Tuesday. And if you look at the goal we conceded on the night, guess who miss timed his jump allowing the ball to be knocked down…2) as an offensively minded player he is forced to play in defensive role, which highlights his weaknesses and not his strengths. – Love him or hate him, his part of our wonderful team and he deserves our support.

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