Vermaelen Buy of The Season

During the summer Arsenal made one purchase, Thomas Vermaelen.  A relatively unknown defender from Ajax, who according to most “experts”, was too short to make it in the Premier League.  Many Arsenal fans were rightly concerned that instead of a burly centre half in the mould of Hangeland, instead of a speedy defender we acquired someone who is as fast as Senderos and we let Toure leave.

 In several pre-season games, Vermaelen was proven to be short of speed, but he had other attributes and soon Arsenal fans once again happy to say in Arsene we trust.

Vermaelen is not one of the tallest centre backs, or the quickest, but he has a brain.  The Belgium captain anticipates where the ball is going to go so he is first to the ball.  He waits and waits before he commits a challenge and nicks the ball away from he attacker.  

So Vermaelen has proven to everyone that he can defend, but Vermaelen is not just a defender.  He is the most comfortable defender on the ball that the Premier League has seen for years.  He does not panic when he has the ball, he merely looks up a plays a ball as good as any midfielder in the country.  

Then we have goals.  You will always expect a defender to score headers at set pieces, but over the last few seasons both Toure and Gallas never scored as many set piece goals as you would want.  But the goals that have made people stand up and pay attention were the two left foot strikes against Wigan and Blackburn (correction).  Both goals came not from set pieces, but because Vermaelen  went forward and kept going forward resulting in two left strikes from outside the area that any striker would envy.

It is early days, but Vermaelen appears to be a great acquisition by Wenger.  People talk about what will happen when Song goes to Africa for the Africa Cup of Nations, well if Senderos gets some games and plays well, why not use Vermaelen as the holding midfielder!

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  1. It had crossed my mind also to put him up there. But will Wenger look for this option ?

  2. No, Vermaelen shouldn’t be placed as a CDM. He was bought as a CB and he should stay as a CB. We all know Arsene loves making players mulit-functional and play them in different positions to get different effects. But this is on situation Arsene must keep Thomas in his acquired position and either buy cover for Song in january (I fear Denilson and Diaby aren’t strong enough yet to do the job at a high level) or boulster the ranks w/ Coqueline/Frimpong they will become immense players once they have the experience and physically peaked. We simply cannot languish around in january and just fill the gap w/ Diaby or Denilson. I love Denilson and I think in a years time he will be the CM we’ve been waiting for but not now, he cannot do the job alone and Diaby HA. He will only hurt the cause. Uhh I hope I’m wrong but yea….we all know about the curious case of abou diaby.

    I will love them no matter what, just wish things were done properly for once.


  3. Well written, probably from an Arsenal perspective. Others will still have their different say though. But hey! that guy looks like one Russian soldier. Very strong and robust. IN ARSNE I TRUST. I wish the likes of Sagna can learn from Vermaelen and not to go down so easily in a challenge. We lost the game at home to Aston Villa last season because Sagna went down when he should have not. Fabregas is in his fantastic form again and we all know what he can do with his passing. But he needs to be strong phisically and not go down so easily.
    If we can prove to be men enough, we have the best team play in the whole world.

    I can see 2 trophies or three this season.

    Hey! can someone tell Diaby to pass the balk quickly when he is our defensive areas? He should dribble in the final third, that is where we need it most.

  4. Agreed about Toure not scoring as many goals but, Gallas has scored many. He has scored some crucial ones. At the moment he is one of the top scorers for Arsenal.

  5. Pls check your facts he did not score against birmingham. Arsenal scored 3 goals. Scorers were V. Persie, Diaby and Arshavin.

    Thank you.

  6. First of all, Vermaelen scored against Blackburn… Then @gooner4lyf, as much as you wished, Arsenal probably won’t be buying a DM in January.denilson will definately be thrown in.

  7. Diaby IS actually stronger than Song if u really pay attention.. the difference is that song doesnt hold onto the ball for very long..whereas Diaby holds onto it for fasr too long and thats where he goes wrong..

    I want people to start paying attention to this because Diaby gets an unfair go by us gooners..well from most of us anyway..

    Diaby is the strongest player we have on the field at the moment..hasnt anybody noticed this??

    And he is only 23… No-one at arsenal can hold onto the ball as long as he can simply because he has the strength to be able to do it… he only has to get his brain thinking a little faster..and mark my words he will..

    Diaby …if he gets his shit together will be a “legend” at arsenal… he has the makings of one but everybody wants to bag him..



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