Injury Nightmare Continues

What have we done to deserve so many injuries?  Is there a curse at The Emirates? Since moving to the Emirates we have lost too many players for too long, Henry and van Persie ins season one, Rosicky and Eduardo in our second year and last year’s injury list would have been too many to fit into either ER or Casualty.

This season started with Nasri out injured before pre-season, Vela soon followed him and Walcott, who is becoming Arsenal’s Mr Sicknote, joined the list.  Eduardo has not been able to stay fit for more than two games, whilst Rosicky cannot last 90 minutes yet.  This was not enough for the injury jinx, because Almunia has been out for several weeks with a chest infection but to make matters worse our second goalkeeper was also out injured.

Add to these injuries are the perennial one or two week injuries and you can imagine the headaches that Arsene has had to contend with.

Just as players start to come back, Walcott gets clattered by Ridgewell and is out for three or four weeks!

There is some good news as both Nasri and Fabianski are due to play for the Reserves tonight against Wolves.

All teams suffer injuries and that is why we have large squads, but how many teams can cope with their number one and two goalkeepers out as well as a host of attacking talent. 

That is why what we have done so far is a great achievement and no doubt once Wenger has Nasri, Walcott, Eduardo, Bendtner and Vela all back and fit, it will give him a great problem.

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  1. While having a ton of injuries is not the best for team spirit, losing 3-6 players to injury is not the worse thing that can happen. We are dealing with Arsenal here, a top flight team for as long as I can remember.

    When it comes to the Premier League, a team should not be fazed by losing a few starters. It gives the bench players there time to shine.

    Lets face it, being on a team like Arsenal means you are a top notch footballer. If you come on due to the starter being injured, it is your turn to prove you deserve that spot. If you cannot, your team will be weak in that area until the starter returns. But, my question is this. If you are on the team, and 2nd in line for the starting position, but you cannot make the cut when your time comes, why are you there in the first place

  2. Nice post, but what has always been on my mind is JANUARY when SONG goes to the nation cup,considering the level at which song plays his game it’s so clear tha we need a replacement.

  3. I AM ARSENAL suporter and think by the past matches , u have to work hard for th rest matches u have to change to silivester . thanks

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