Rosicky and Arshavin – Arsenal’s Twin Tormentors

Yesterday’s game gave Arsenal fans and the world an indication of what Arshavin and Rosicky playing in tandem can do.

Both players are skilful, have plenty of tricks, great vision, an array of passing, are always on the move and can shoot.  It is a luxury to have one player like that, but to be fortunate to have two is amazing. Playing against them is a nightmare; you never know what they will do next.

We now realise what the missing link is for Arsenal, and that was Rosicky.  He is not yet 100%, but he is awesome. Last night they ran the show; they moved all over the place and made the defenders job impossible. 

With Rosicky in the team it alleviates the pressure on Fabregas to create everything.  The pressure is shared and we will see a different Fabregas, a player can play his natural game, as opposed to a player who has to do everything for the team.

Arshavin and Rosicky are both goal scorers and they also like playing in more advanced position; this gives the manager the proverbial “different dimension.

Rosicky and Arshavin have set the standard for Nasri and Walcott.  Walcott knows that it is not enough just to have raw pace, he needs to add passing and creativity to his game.  Walcott needs to be more clinical in front of goal. 

Nasri has all the characteristics that Rosicky and Arshavin have displayed.  This leaves Wenger with a nice little problem once Walcott and Nasri are back, but that is what he is paid to do.

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  1. Yes having both Rosicky and Arshavin playing together is wonderful. Both are at the right age and have enough experience. Both have skills, techniques, vision and ability to show from afar. Great players.

    Playing Arshavin on the left of attack and rosicky on the right is wonderful. Combined with another player that has awesome technique, RvP, the 3 of them can cause havoc against any teams.

    Sitting behind the 3 i would go for Cesc Fabregas, setting the tempo and picking out players with his neat passings. Further behind Cesc, would be Song and Nasri. Song is obvious for his defensive abilities. Nasri is because he can both defend and attack. He can be another andrea pirlo. He can also pick out the front 4 with his neat and accurate passing. That would relieve further pressure on cesc’s shoulders.

    If there is a need to change, I would swap Eduardo or vela with Arshavin, Bendtner with RvP, Walcott and Eboue with Rosicky. Wilshere, Merida and Traore can play as well, but their appearances would most likely be restricted to Carling cup and FA cup appearances, and maybe the CL if we qualify early. Anyway, our attack is strong. No matter who is chosen to play, there is an abundance of talent and skills present. But my favorite 3 would be arshavin, RvP and Rosicky, followed by arshavin Bendtner and RvP.

    Cesc in my opinion is irreplacement given his technique and skills and leadership. Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, Ramsey and Wilshere are the only players that can play in the cesc fabregas’s role.

    Nasri and Song are my preferred Defensive midfielders. Denilson can play if either player needs a rest. Coquelin and Frimpong might play, but likely to be appearing in cup games than EPL games.

    Back four would be Clichy, Vermaelen, Gallas and Sagna. Gibbs and Senderos are not far behind in pecking order.

    Gk = the one and only vito mannone!!!

    Players that would never get a game if I am the manager: Abou Diaby and Mikael Silvestre. They are better off plying their trade at championship level or playing for teams like barnsley, burnley or wolves.

    • nasri a defensive midfielder? where on earth have ou got that idea from, ridiculous

    • your comment was becoming more incredible as it went along till the diaby part he had a very good game to be honest and his always performed well in the champions league examples liverpool 2 seasons ago, roma, villareal, ac milan, fenerbache, yesterday and yet to come

  2. I cant believe this article, who actually thinks that rosicky played well. He was on the pitch for 65 minutes and did nothing, as soon as he was subbed a goal was scored. Eduardo came on for 10 minutes and gave van persie the easiest of tap ins. Arshavin is a fantastic player! Rosicky no way, last night just showed that he has nothing left.

    • what a comment??? how can you say rosicky didnt do nothing he and arshavin controlled that wing like there was no tomorrow that is why clichy and eboue were not too busy defending and too busy backing arshavin and rosicky. Plus he is one of our best attacking players including cesc, nasri, arshavin, diaby, edu, van persie. Its just because he is not on form yet thats why and remember he just come back from a major injury which kept him out for more than a season so for you to come out and say that was very disrespectful and totally a disgrace mate you should really rectify yourself mate because rosicky is “THE LITTLE MOZART” if you don’t know what that is or means then go and type that in youtube followed by ROSICKY you will eat your words!!! THANK YOU !

  3. The team that started last nite was almost perfect in my opinion, except i would’ve had eboue in diaby’s position. Eboue has been in blinding form this season so far, always makes decisive runs into good areas and creates opportunites! DIABY IS SHITE… Greedy and extremely overrated, holds onto the ball too long!! Arshavin needs 2 games more rest, looks a tad flat! But although song fouls alot he is the strength we’ve been lacking in our midfield! Up the gunners! Much love from south africa

  4. Yes you are right, now imagine the Trio Tormentors + Nasri

  5. Now bendtner and denilson should stay the fuck away from the team.they both are weak links and slow down the game.

  6. i still prefer 442 with RVP and Edu up front with Arsh and Ros on wings with Fab behind them. I favour Ramsey at DM

  7. Can not wait to get Nasri back into the mix. I don’t think a lot people realize how potent this team will be when fully fit.
    Cesc, Nasri,
    Rosicky, Arshavin,

    What an Amazing Line-Up!!

  8. i prefer 4-3-3 line up because attacking football were
    very interesting& there is more chance for scoring
    goals; striker like arshavin,v.persi, bentner; midfiled
    rosicky,fabrigas,song; defender clichy, t.verlmin, gallas& sagna

  9. Wenger will not play Fab Nasri Arshavin RvP nd Rosicky together.He will start diaby or bendtner for 1 of them bcause of the height factor.

  10. isaiah k mutea(meru-kenya)

    The 4-3-3 is a good formation because it offers much offensively,but i think Eduardo is the most clinical finisher at the moment in the gunners squad.i would prefer the front three of v persie,Eduardo and arshavin.Rosicky should be employed on the wide right wing to be subbed by and nasri when back should cover cesc at the middle to give him room for that needed pass.

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