Eboue is a Fighter not a Quitter

The last time Arsenal faced Wigan Athletic the game will go down as the nadir for Eboue.  He had a nightmare of a game and was booed by his own fans, to cap it all Wenger was forced to withdraw Eboue to save him from further torture.  The Ivorian left the field in tears and was consoled by his team-mates.

This could have killed his career at Arsenal and during the summer transfer frenzy that never was, there were reports that Eboue was off to Fiorentina.  I will not be a hypocrite and state I as happy he stayed; I was one of those who advocated his departure at all costs.  My reasons were not based on the one game against Wigan, but based on the fact that he gave us very little going forward, after all he is a defender and he gets a nose bleed once he enters the opponent’s penalty area. Furthermore he is full of theatrics and in some instances embarrasses the club, his dive against Manchester United and his handball against Wigan on Saturday.

However, you have to hold you hand up and say that Eboue has turned things around and is winning fans around, no longer do they sing his name in jest, but he is earning their admiration.  Saturday showed how much he has improved, he was at the centre of most of our game, he got himself into good positions and all that is missing is the final ball.  That element will come, he is after all a defender and he is not a natural goal scorer as he has shown us too often.

For the moment Eboue is enjoying his football and the fans are showing him respect not because he is an Arsenal player but because he has earnt their respect with his attitude, he knuckled down and started to play football, what he needs to do is cut out the dives.

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  1. Good article! Eboue is a versatile player who can play almost everywhere and that`s a great quality in football (like O`Shea for Man U) , I never wanted him to be sold , first of all because I think he`s the natural replacement for Sagna , and because he can fill in for whatever player who`s out , yes whatever player , even a striker ! He`s got what it takes to be a striker , he might not be a natural scorer but nobody can dribble or provoke defenders like him and get us good free-kicks.
    Unfortunately he dives a lot , and we can`t change that about him , even himself can`t change his game , that`s his nature , he does that instinctively ! I`m glad the fans are now realizing what a good player he is, please let`s stop booing our own players , I remember people booing Song a few years ago , and now they are the one praising him. Let`s remember that they are human beings and they can`t be perfect , we have to SUPPORT them !

  2. first positive piece uve written about eboue. a bit objectivity always goes a long way.

    • Sometimes we need to hold our hand up and say the guy has come good and I admit the errors of my way, but I will always criticize players if I think they deserve to be criticized.

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