Wenger is Wrong To Oppose New Premier League Rules

Wenger is out of tune with FIFA, UEFA and the Premier League and their recent proposals.  I believe Wenger is wrong.

FIFA and UEFA wish to impose a ban on players moving between clubs before they are 18 years old.  There is nothing with this proposal, so long as the new ruling allows for players to be transferred between clubs where there exists consent of all parties.    The rules will not ban say the transfer of Gills Sunu from Chateauroux to Arsenal once both clubs have agreed for the transfer to proceed, but the rules should prevent the movement of Fran Merida from Barcelona to Arsenal as there was no agreement between the clubs.

Youngsters should not be allowed to go from the team that has trained and nurtured them to another team without compensation.  If a club releases a player from a playing “contract”, then the player is free to leave that club, otherwise they stay with them until they are 18 years old.

In recent years Arsenal have agreed a fee with the club and then youngsters have joined us be they from English clubs or foreign clubs, this is the way to behave. 

Any club that signs a player and uses a loophole not to compensate that player’s club deserves whatever punishment FIFA or UEFA throw at them.


Fearful of a clampdown on overseas players, the Premier League announced rules the other day that places restrictions on the number of non-home grown players a club may register for next season.

The regulations state that a club may register 25 players of whom a minimum 8 need to be home trained.  The definition of a home trained player is a player who has been trained from the age of 15 to 21 for a minimum of three years at a club in either England or Wales, irrespective of their nationality.

Wenger has come out to say that this is creating an artificial environment, yet these are the exact rules that are used for the Champions League.  Due to Wenger’s foresight, Arsenal are not disaffected by the proposed rule change.  Many of our players are deemed “home grown”, i.e. Fabregas, Djourou, Bendtner are all deemed home-grown.

 The new rules are fully justified, they will ensure that clubs spend more money on youth development and will punish clubs that merely buy-in all their players.

The next ruling that is required from UEFA and FIFA relates to indebtedness and spending of clubs.

Clubs should only be allowed to have a debt that is equal to their annual turnover, unless the debt has been incurred for the purposes of capital infrastructure. 

In addition to the debt ruling, FIFA / UEFA should place a restriction on both transfer activity and a salary cap.  Both of these need to be tied to turnover.

Clubs cannot keep on spending limitless amounts, football needs a reality and the antics of Real Madrid and  Manchester City this summer have brought home to roost a few home truths and scared many clubs.  Add this to the debt situation at Portsmouth and Liverpool and it is about time clubs started to act more responsibly.

The proposals suggested by UEFA and the Premier League are in the best interest of the football and Wenger is wrong to argue against the rules.

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