Clichy is Too Clumsy

Our second visit to Manchester has resulted in yet another undeserved defeat.  The chances were there, the woodwork hit once again by van Persie, certain goal cleared off the line and once again another blatant penalty missed by the referee.  The performances are there from the team, the chances are being created, what we are missing is that little bit of luck that is required.

What is not excusable are the elementary mistakes being made at the back. In particular by Gael Clichy who has been given too much leniency by the fans because he has taken over from Ashley Cole.

 Clichy can play very well, but he has become prone to more and more mistakes.  On Saturday Wright-Phillips waltzed past him like he was not even there.  The three second half goals were due to Clichy.  The second saw Fabregas play the ball into his path, he lost it in City’s half and they went up the field and scored.  The third had him scrambling to tackle or foul Wright-Phillips, he failed in either attempt and Adebayor scored.  The killer fourth goal again saw Clichy lose the ball in the opponents half.

People will say that it is because he is an offensive type player that he got caught in possession.  That is not true. His attacking play is very poor, he rarely ventures into the opposition penalty area and his crossing is woeful.  His scoring record is poor.  He offers little going forward except raw pace.  Kieran Gibbs, a former winger, is a better attacking full-back.

If Saturday was an isolated incident, then Clichy would be forgiven, but every season he makes basic mistakes that cost us games and points.

I have never forgiven him for the penalty he gave away against Birmingham City two seasons ago.  Everyone slated Gallas for his tantrum and Clichy escaped criticism.  That penalty cost us two points and eventually the title that season.

It is about time Arsenal fans realised that Clichy is the weak link and that Wenger needs to replace him with Gibbs.

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  1. I agree with northbank.Clichy has become complacent and a tad arrogant.He has a tendency to be aloof and his pace is always exposed by his pridictable one-dimension style.

  2. Totally agree….aside from pace, hes got nothing. not offensive ability, nor any defensive ability…..

  3. not to mention his crossing is the worst in the league

  4. Clichy is mega liability in arsenals defense. i agree, other than raw pace, he only has wayward shots blasted miles away from the goal post, loses the ball in the final third, poor dribling. he should be given space next to senderos!

  5. timmy the gunner

    Thank you for this post!

    I have said and felt the same for a couple of seasons now. he needs to stay in our half and not even engage in attack, he is a defender not a winger. His crossing is one of the poorest i have ever seen, the same goes for sagna. it’s about time Clichy is dropped!

  6. true, true. clichy has always been prone to mistakes at the biggest of games. either he has no big match temperament or he’s not good enough defensively to stop world-class attackers or simply both. not to say he is a bad defender, just not gd enough to stop the best attackers around.

    also, i noticed that arsenal’s wingers, less bobby, are always injured. from reyes to ljungberg, walcott, rositsky, nasri…what’s up with them? do they sprint too much too fast that their hamstrings give way?

  7. absoluty true he should be dropped 4 at least games and play gibbs who is much better defender.

  8. i think u r all being a bit unfair. i will admit that he had a horrendous game against city at the weekend, but he is still usually a good defender and deserves credit for it. everyone has a rubbish match every now and then e.g. vidic is the best defender in the world but i think we all remember manu vs liverpool last season. I hate it when a player has 1 really bad match and then fans like you lot turn on them! i bet if he had of scored you would have bn like ‘hes one of the best LBs in the world’. its no wonder people say that arsenal have shit fans when there are people being so negative and showing a huge lack of support like this.

  9. Hhahaha – probably

  10. Clichy is ok if he just defends only.When he goes on his headless chicken runs he leaves us short at the back though this may be through instruction.Traore is not a suitable replacement but Gibbs is.Arsene may just be blooding him in slowly.

  11. I think he is the most consistent defender at Arsenal, we could argue Gibbs is a calamity after his champions league performance against Man-U, Clichy is still barely back from injury, and yes 3 goals came from him getting caught up, and yea it he had a bad game, but I do believe he has alot of defensive ability and he has shown that in the past , he has a great workrate, give him time to settle in, before calling for his head, the boy is quality, and as a defender you’re going to make mistakes and going to give away penalties it happens, and clichy def. hasnt made enough in his career, to be marked mistake prone, I like how we lose a couple of games and everyone start going overvboard, and talking a bout a penalty two years ago, come on, we need to support our boys, confidence is everything,


    100% correct observation. I will include few others in the list. They are Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner and Eboue. Sequencially bad to worst are Eboue, Bendtner, Denilson, Clichy and Almunia. We can never ever win a trophy with a horrible goalkeeper like Almunia. I do not understand why a man like AW can not realise this. It is really frustrating to see Clichy after seeing Ashley Cole or Evra. Man U’s 2nd goalkeeper is also miles ahead of Clichy.

  13. Totally agree. Clichy also cost us a 4:3 victory against Tottenham last season in emirates!


    Corrected. 100% correct observation. I will include few others in the list. They are Almunia, Denilson, Bendtner and Eboue. Sequencially bad to worst are Eboue, Bendtner, Denilson, Clichy and Almunia. We can never ever win a trophy with a horrible goalkeeper like Almunia. I do not understand why a man like AW can not realise this. It is really frustrating to see Clichy after seeing Ashley Cole or Evra. Man U’s 2nd goalkeeper is also miles ahead of Almunia.

  15. I totally agree, you got traore back from loan at portsmouth he would be a perfect cover for LWB. Gibbs would be 2nd choice not that he bad or anything like that but he showed some scary moments last and good one’s too but the bad one’s cost us the game.

    Wed night champ/league setup

    vela …. eduardo



  16. agree with you gooner well said

  17. I understand he has made mistakes but if you play 33 games a season you are bound to make 5-10 mistakes which are highlighted but what about all the other good things he does he had the highest number of games for arsenal 2 season’s ago. he is still 23 so he has a long way to go. And dont tell me that Evra, Cashley or Bridge don’t make mistakes. Gibbs will be blooded for the role in a few years. Stick with your players and they will perform.

    Gooners are never supposed to be impatient. That is why AW is the manager and we are fans.

    I Arsene We trust

  18. clichy clichy clichy,no need of bring gibbs or traore
    we can just change arrangement like this
    let ver go to left back.
    bcos,if u use gibbs he makes mistake and he is in exper so let just manager what we have..

  19. clichy was good two seasons ago so was sagna. both have got worse. bentner will never be any more than an average where does that leave us. cesc and arshavin are miles ahead in terms of talent, but we need more like them! in mean time just pray we pick the season up again, cos the likes of talksport, and match of the day presenters are loving it.

  20. we must admit that he had a bad game. but there’s somethng curious about clichy and the way his mistakes always cost us goals. the one against birmingham, the 4-4 against spurs and then not once not twice but 3 times on sat. he is quality when he is on form but he needs to cut his mistakes and i’d like to know how many assists he gets for us in comparison to those of eboue when he was a rb and then sagna. i have a feeling eboue had much more than they did but he is the most vilified of the 3

  21. i think you guys who are taking clichy as some random left back are really harsh and so stupid…listen to what you guys are saying “prone to mistakes” this is the guy who was voted best left back in the premier league in 2007-2008 or have you forgotten. People say he can’t cross, it was from his assist which led to our 2nd goal against celtic. It was from his run which rewarded us with a free kick when he got fouled at newcastle last season which saw bendtner score a header from an arshavin cross I can go on and on. Im a huge fan of clichy, but the reason why I think he sometimes makes critical mistakes is because 1) he pushes up way too far than he should but also because he needs a little bit of guiding in my opinions even though his been overall consistent since the invincible days, just do your reasearch… the way wasn’t it Clichy who kept Ronaldo quiet at last years 2-1 home win against man united and wasn’t it gibbs who made that HUGE mistake and drowned our confidence in the first couple of minutes, or am i wrong, some of you arsenal fans are absolutely ridiculous and a disgrace to our team.

    • Clichy has made far too many costly errors ever since that Birmingham game..

      Ok, anyone can make a mistake or two.. but clichy’s problem is that he is also too light and easily pushed off the ball and intimidated.

      Clichy and Almunia cost us the game against man city

      Isnt it funny how many arsenal fans have been screaming about Almunia’s screw ups and not just of late but dont u follow the pattern here??

      Im sorry Messi..but even senderos had a brilliant campaign during 05 / 06 season when we enjoyed a clean sheet campaign alll the way to the final.. but look what happened.. his true form came through didnt it..

      Clichy is starting to follow this pattern as well and so is Almunia…

      So you still insist most guuners supporters are that dumb??

  22. Come on Gael !!! we all know your ability, try your best! C’mon u gooners! this team needs our support.

  23. Clichy is not the weakest link I feel. He is very consistant but he needs a matured thinking winger to cover for him when he attacks.

    Yes his job is to defend but sometimes he is required to attack to provide pace during counter attacks. You can fault Diaby and Cesc for the goal in which he was busting his lungs to catch the ball that was over-cooked from Cesc. When Clichy lost it, Diaby was merely strolling back to the Arsenal half instead of being committed to defend for the team.

    The player who I feel is not proving his worth is Mr Almunia himself. We’ve got possibly the best Central back pairing and Alumina has been letting them down constantly. When have we last had a clean sheet? He gives away silly goals which usually motivates the opposition team to attack us. I wouldn’t disagree that he is a good goalkeeper in terms of shot stopping but he makes too many silly mistakes to become the best in the league.

    The goals that were conceded during the Citeh games were partly his mistake. The headed goal by Micah was rather cheap. The ball was slow enough that he could ave palmed it away.

    Football is a game of luck too and I feel we haven’t been lucky for the past two games considering we were the dominant team. It pains to see our team lose when a win would be much deserved. I get dumbfounded and find it hard to explain the manner in which we lose.

  24. When he lost the ball and allowed Jenas to start Tottenhams comeback in last seasons ‘4-2, and you f*cked it up’ he broke my heart, as he did when he gave the penalty away at Birmingham, but i still think he’s a good player! It would definitely be a good idea to throw in Gibbs every now and again to let him know his place isn’t guarenteed! That’s one thing we don’t do at Arsenal is give players real competition for their places!

  25. yes yes yes!!!! Abou Diaby and Gael Clichy are the weakest link in our first team now. We need to get them out of arsenal asap. For Abou Diaby, we have plenty of other options. As for clichy, we have gibbs and pedro. Traore can play there as well.

    The third weakest link is manuel almunia. We need to get all these weak links out.

  26. James Drichi-Uganda

    i don’t want to dilute what the author of this has put on clichy. all i wish is that wenger, the board and fellow arsenal fans especially those who come face to face with wenger and the players do something to ensure that clichy’s disaster to arsenal is eliminated in any way pssible using any means. just mentioning the incidence against birmingham city two seasons ago in which eduardo’s leg was broken by the evil hearted Taylor and there after clichy foolishly winning penalty for birmingham city makes my whole body shaking and how i wish i had the power to decide for arsenal. i doubt if arsenal will ever win a silverware again. how i wish we go back to our former glory. wenger knows the problems, he sees them, feels them but sits on them just because the ones who betray arsenal are his french compatriots. we very much feel the pain in uganda. what can we do other than tolerating the abuses from fans of other clubs. come to uganda and you will know what iam talking about.

  27. man at least am not alone i totatally agree wit u, the other weak links are sagna who keeps crossing balls on to oponents bodies should b replaced by eboue no one has ever played better than eboue in that position, not forgetting diaby he’s too slow 2b a defensive midfieder, losses d ball every minute and can’t play in d attacking midfield role becouse he can fail 2release d ball 2strikers for 4solid games not even a single pass, wats ramsey, welshere,merida, n barazite doin’ off d pitch these r better players

  28. If we must win any cup defense must be strong look at man u barca last season puyol did all he can to keep ronlado from using the ball and he did few metres away from the goal line to avoid freekick or penalty arsenal learn now

  29. Nail on the head mate! Iv been saying this for a while now!!

  30. hope the season will turn out better. please, we need trophy. the “young, inexperienced, inconsistent” team that needs time to gel is not going to work anymore, after 4 years. that’s long enough for a team who always play together to mature. if we r not making to the top 3 this season, wenger should think more deeply about having too much average players in the squad. i love arsenal with all my heart, but seasons without trophy really hurts. i hate that feeling. who could’ve thought that the invincibles only lasted until 2004. wenger, it hurts us all arsenal fans out here. please hear us, will you?

  31. fuck u all, clichy’s no.1 arsenal left back since cole..

    just bcause he make a few mistakes u all wants him to get dumped??

    fuck u.. player do mistakes, that why they’ll grown better, soon he will be no.1 left back on france national team..

    so, fuck u all !

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