Bendtner Needs to Play a Striker

Too often last season Wenger deployed Bendtner as a wide player, whilst not in an orthodox left-wingers role, sufficiently wide to keep out of the penalty area.  The same pattern has been repeated this season, resulting in the young Denmark striker pleading for Arsene to play him in a more central role.

Bendtner has a point, he does not possess speed or skill to start out wide and cut in past defenders, a favourite ploy of Thierry Henry and latterly when he could be bothered Adebayor. 

Bendtner’s strengths, and there are some cynics who will say he has doesn’t have any, are his height, his ability to control the ball with his chest and to bring others into play.  With the Dane on the wing, there is nobody in the centre to get onto the end of the crosses.  His threat is negated out on the wing.

I would prefer to play van Persie out on the wing; he has speed and skill to get past defenders.  Van Persie’s trickery is amazing and his tight ball control is completely mesmeric.  Robin out on the wing always reminds me of the wonder goal he scored against Blackburn many years ago in front of the North Bank, he twisted the defender so many times that when he unleashed his shot from an impossible angle he must have hypnotised the whole defence because everyone stood watching.  I do not advocate van Persie staying on the wing, just until we have Arshavin, Walcott and Nasri fully fit.

In a three man attack Bendtner needs to be the fulcrum of that attack, allowing other tricky players to supply him with the chances for him to score.  We will not see the best of Bendtner if we try to convert him into a Kuyt type work-horse (a striker who can’t score but the manager’s reputation is at stake if he sells him for a loss!), Bendtner is an orthodox number 9 and that is where he needs to play.

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  1. He does have some good dribbling skills though. He demonstrated this in the game against everton, and was showing it for denmark against portugal in the week.
    Hes not the typical winger type, but Im convinced he can do a good job there. He needs to look at dirk kuyt as the example of how to play it.
    Nonetheless, it might be a good ploy to switch his role with van persie from time to time, as CF plays more to bendtners strengths, and RW cutting inside is ideal for van persie (trouble is he started to get a bit predictable doing that I think)

  2. You said it, he is not skilful enough – plus his propensity to drop his trousers should have meant that he was ushered out of the club in disgrace. We should’ve sold him and brought a real striker!

  3. he shouldnt be playing for a club of arsenal’s calibre.not good enough.PERIOD

  4. it works better if we sell bendtner n we buy another striker.he’s just a wastage ov our chances to lift triphies thi season.

  5. If he wants to play striker, loan him out where he can learn the trade. He should’ve been on loan for a while now, but since we have no established striker well I guess Wenger’s hand was forced?

  6. I agree, Rvp n Bendtner should rotate with each other a bit. The 4-3-3 will only work with either Arshavin, Rosicky or Nasri around. Together, they are call the Steamroller Symphony no. 1

  7. spot on mate hes not good enough dosent matter where you play him he has no conrol on the ball and not clinical enough not arsenal standards

  8. Bendtner seemed often to be in the right place at the right time last season, but lacked finish, with both boot and head. How many fans remember having there head in hands over and over again. I think Wenger would like to see him develop his game, but this is an expensive gamble, better left to the training ground.He faces players whilst dribbling with fear, simply because he can`t round them or play clever flicks like other wide players and he is not able to move with the ball at speed. Working on the skills he does have makes sense to me. He should be played between the sticks when possible this season and develop a clinical finishing play, let him try his hand at the fancy stuff if he gets this right.

  9. I am doubtful if you are talking about the same guy! NB has no skills to be playing in the premier league! He simply has no skills. Height alone is not a skill! I cannot understand what Wenger sees in this guy. He is a waste of opportunity for others. Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey Etc are much better.

    He should not be sold.. just give him away! And while at it , give away Diaby also.. and the team will be better.

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