Usmanov To Launch Bid For Arsenal

There have been several reports recently that Alisher Usmanov will announce any day now that he has acquired Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith’s 15.6% share in Arsenal.  This will take Usmanov’s holding to over 40%, resulting in him being obliged to make a formal offer for the club.

The Board, namely Peter Hill-Wood will make statements to the effect that the club is not for sale, despite the fact the Hill-Wood sold his shares in Arsenal many years ago to David Dein!   Danny Fiszman will also resist the lure of Usmanov as it will see the return to the club of his nemesis David Dein.

The real kingmaker is new board member Stan Kroenke.  Kroenke has built a stake up approaching the crucial 29.9% mark, mostly through the sale of shares for fellow board members Fiszman and the Carr brothers.  Significantly, Kroenke is not subject to the “lock-down” agreement that the other board members have signed up to.

Kroenke stake in the club is primarily to make a profit and if Usmanov offers him a premium he will accept the price and sell his shares.  Kroenke is not a long-term investor in the club.

The takeover of the club is what Arsenal needs; we need one person to be the powerbroker, one person who will drive the club forward.  At the moment we have too many people with different agendas.

Many fans will fear the Usmanov will saddle the club with debt in the same way as the Glazers did at Manchester United and Hicks and Gillett did at Liverpool.  I doubt this will be the case.  This is man who offered to pay-off the club’s £100million debt in return for a larger stake in the club only to have this idea turned down by the board.

Usmanov will bring back to the club Mr Arsenal – David Dein.  This will be the perfect move as Dein ensured that Wenger got his transfer targets, we would have bought Hangeland, Chamakh and Matuidi had Dein been at the club in the summer.

 If Usmanov is successful in taking over the club, I hope he has the foresight to retain the services of Ivan Gazidis who is taking Arsenal forward in the commercial and marketing spheres.

 Arsenal Football Club needs one owner and that man is Alisher Usmanov.

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  1. What makes you say that Kroenke’s stake is only for making a profit and if Usamanov offers a hefty share premium Kroenke will sell? Your whole blog is based on a false assumption.

  2. Eat my shit.

  3. How on earth you can say Arsenal need a takeover by Usmanov is beyond me.

    Arsenal needs Usmanov like the Jews needed Hitler.

    Are you being paid to shill for him?

    • Usmanov is the only person who offered to put £100m and pay off our loan. This would have freed up vital cash for Wenger in the summer. When will people wake up smell the coffee and get a reality check, we need a major cash injection and the current board are jsut asleep

      • what makes you think Usmanov won’t make us pay back that £100m?

      • My only reservation about any takeover is that we are lumbered with the cost of buying the club, this will not only cripple us but will send us into administration.

      • You moron. Usmanov never promised anything. He wanted all shareholders including Sid Smallshareholder to cough up £100M through a rights issue.

        After very simple calculations it was clear his proposal would improve Arsenal’s cash flow by a few millions a year.

        He wasn’t offering Arsenal any cash.

        And since you’re shilling for him you can tell him that if he has ££Millions to gift Arsenal, he can ask me and I can tell him where to send the checque.

        I’m sure if he sent a checque of £100M pounds to Arsenal, the club would happily cash it, and send him a polite thank you letter.

      • Ole Gunner
        Do yuo even understand what the problem is at the moment? Arsenal need to pay £135m to the banks in April 2010. That is why we have saving our cash to pay the banks back. The interest o nthe £135m is irrelevant, it is that we have 7 months to raise £135m
        The rights issue was underwritten by usmanov so whoever did not take up their rights, he would buy those shares. This was rejected because Fiszman does not wish to invest any more money into the club, that is why he sold shares to Kroenke.

      • Yes, he did want a rights issues, but the idea of people ‘coughing up’ in you own words is ridiculous!
        A rights issues means shares are ‘floated’ and any party can offer for those shares. The reason the board said no was because Usmanov would have swept up. He would have SPENT £100 Million on shaes which would have gone to…wait for it…Arsenal FC who’s shares they were in the first place!
        This old kooks on the board who don’t want to be parted from their millions wouldn’t have offered and would have been promptly left with no say…that’s what terrified them!
        Theboard members are asleep, and every year i gurantee their objective to Wenger is get into the Champo League.
        Not for prestige, but for the £20 0dd Million Pound bonus to repaying debt.
        Even if all Usmanov did was pay the debt and not offer any transfer funds in a way he still would be getting transfer funds as Wenger would have an extra like…£50 Million pounds on top of the £40 Million he raised through player sales and ontop of the usual 10-15 Mil the board ussually give him.
        Wow! That’s £100 Million Pounds….i shoudl go into business!

      • A rights issue offers existing shareholders the opportunity to invest in the company in the same proportion to the number of shares they currently hold.
        So a shareholder who held 8 shares in Arsenal, if the rights issue was say 1:8 ie one new share for 8 currently held, that shareholder for say £8,000 can take up his right and will then hold 9 shares in the club.
        The shares do not belong to the club as they are not issued, once a company issues shares they belong to the person who has purchased them.
        With all Rights Issues, the offer is underwritten by banks, so if somebody does not take up their rights then the bank will pay for the shares and then own those shares and they will then sell them in the open market. In the instance of the possible Arsenal rights issue, Usamnov was prepared to underwite the issue.
        The board knew that neither Lady Bracewell-Smith nor Danny Fiszmann were in a position to buy their rights so these would have gone to Usmanov.

        If Usmanov was allowed to put £100m into the club, then the £130m that we need to pay to the banks in April 2010 would havebeen paid off straight away. Arsenal had at November 2008 over £80m in the bank, this is being held back to potentially pay the loan on Highbury Square. This money would have then been available for either Wenger to use or to reduce the £250m debt arose due to the Emirates Stadium project.

        Overall the £100m that Usmanov offered would have totally transformed the club.

      • >Overall the £100m that Usmanov offered would have totally transformed the club.

        I disagree. Arsenal is in a very healthy financial state and able to pay down the stadium debt with no trouble at all. In fact the club is currently one of the most profitable in the world even taking into account debt servicing costs.

        Usmanov’s clearing of the debt at the cost of diluting (at a very expensive price share wise as well) existing owners is completely unnecessary and it is easy to see why the board voted against it. Arsenal have no need for a large capital injection for the forseeable future. The largest possible expansion cost might be international academies and player development, but the cost of that can easily be covered from existing operations.

        I have more details in my post here:

  4. i wonder how stupid someone has to be to write this piece of bs, honestly get some info on kroenke and usmanov before you start expressing your thoughts to the public

    • Too many people are jumping on the anti Usmanov bandwagon, well it wasn’t that long ago that Hill-Wood looked at Kroenke with disdain, now both Hill-Wood and Fizsman are hopign he is the white knight to protect Arsenal from big bad Russina wolf! That is hypocracy

      • No it’s not hypicrisy. Kroenke signs on into the vision of the board, and the manager. Kroenke unlike Usmanov has (so-far) agreed with the decades-old tradition of reinvesting all profits into the club, unlike Usmanov who wants to take it out.

        We know and can see the source of Kroenke’s wealth unlike Usmanov.

        Kroenke has experience managing successful sports clubs unlike Usmanov.

        But irrespective of their respective merits, I am happy to go along with the board who are lifelong gooners and have invested and consistently reinvested their own money to take us where we are.

        Whatever you want to say about the current board they’ve taken us from like the Top 20 clubs in the world into the Top 5. We’re now the 3rd most valuable football club in the world. So I am much more ready to go along with them than with a shady ex-convict Uzbek.

  5. only1greatlondonteam

    i think if we had money wenger wouldnt be going for players like chamakh dut david silva instead
    ‘Arsenal Football Club needs one owner and that man is Alisher Usmanov.’
    bold statement

  6. None of that made any sense????

    How will Usmanov bring back David Dein. He departed comany from the Russian’s Red And White Holdings Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime ago. Keep up mate. lol.

    Tony Adams is Mr Arsenal and if Dein did return, why would Hangeland, Chamakh and Matuidi be at the club???? Arsene decides who comes into the club and he alone. He could have had those players if he wanted them without David Dein.

    Kroenke needs one per cent more to block any move by Usmanov. My guess is he already has this one per cent ….. and that the board and Kroenke himself keep this fact under wraps so he doesn’t need to make a formal bid for the club.

    If Usmanov makes a move and buys Bracewell’s shares, he’ll find Kroenke already owns the club ….. Gauranteed.

    There is no way Usmanov could take on the Arsenal Boardroom. No chance of that.

    Usmanov didn’t offer to pay off 100million debt for a larger stake in the club … it was for a different idea and it’s one you should know about.

    You sound excited about an Usmanov takeover. wtf.

  7. Hill-Wood only has himself to blame (assuming the lady nina info is correct) after stabbing lady nina in the back for having the temerity to disagree with him…

  8. Nasir Jones-Nasri

    I hope that fat Manure supporter dies a horrible death.

  9. If you honestly think Usmanov was just going to give us 100 mil as a lovely present then you’re insane.

  10. The model we have works and we are slowly steadying a ship that has been rocked due to moving stadium.
    We are in a fantastic position.
    Uzbek fat boy can fucking do one.
    Why are you supporting him?
    I bet he has greased your palm. pieces of silver?
    Naive child, please ,please come to your senses.

  11. Despite all the “doublespeak” that concerning the so-called board‘s policy to maintain “the Arsenal way”,it is clear to even the most naive of our supporters that the power struggle that has been brewing in the boardroom is nearing it’s climax。Which ever way it goes East or West,we have no say or power to influence what happens。So, brother Gooners,head back to your seats and fork out your hard earned monthly salary in the hope that maybe once in your lifetime you may witness The Arsenal lift the European cup!

  12. We dont want any takeover, we want the current structure of the club maintained where nobody owns the club outright and can not drive the club to ruin by mismanagement.

    Even if we wanted a rich sugar daddy, Usmanov is not even as rich as Kroenke….the board.

  13. I’m with the fat Russian. Hill Wood who I admire is still a hypocrite. Fizman is not a fan if he sells his shares. He doesn’t need the cash.

  14. StupidFanaticofArsenal

    Okie I’m a big fan of the club but I’m really disappointed by the lack of buys in almost every transfer window. Truthfully the January of 08/09 was the most exciting in years and it’s only 1 buy. In my perspective the takeover would give us some cash to spend. So why do u guys think it’s a bad idea?

    No b*t*hing please. Jus ur opinions.

  15. winners think like winners they grab every chance to get where they want. i’ll support the russian cz his past dosent matter u disagree with gov in russia and u go to jail nd its no big deal anyway some of the greatest been in jail even our legend ian wright spent som time behind the bars. im so confused how people have such a strong blind support for the yank who has done nothing and sucking the money out of the club. where is that 45m transfer money?? and on the other hand the person who gave an idea to invest in the team is rejected. now i can understand with so many losers in the form of fans this is why our team is where it is right now

  16. The only way he can get into my good books is for him to follow ‘wenger’s dietary menu’ and lose those ugly chops. We are not going out like this.

  17. Usmanov wouldn’t be welcome if he saddles us with debt, that is the only certainty. Unlike some, I don’t have much faith in the current board either, who have by the way saddled us with massive debt(and a new stadium to be fair). But no Kroenke is no where near Usmanov in terms of resources, and no the board hasn’t put much of their own money into the club, and yes DD has been missed, Gazidis is yet to do anything save hire more personnel. I’m indifferent to the outcome provided no increase in debt results. Some comments surprising, Danny and the board running into the arms of Kroenke to escape a takeover like it was all some grand master plan. They’ll have a price.

  18. But if it’s a choice between Usmanov and Kroenke, which seems inevitable now, I’ll take the russian anyday. KROENKE DOESN’T EVEN COME TO ANY GAMES!! So who the fuck wants him in charge. He has no love for arsenal and probably not even any love for football either.


  20. No to Arsenal becoming a plaything in the “mine is bigger than yours” world that is the Russian Mafia Billionaires Club.

    I’d rather the club go back to winning 1 championship per decade than run the risk of it’s future being in the hands of someone like him.

    Stop being envious of Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool.
    Even through this poor economy, Arsenal is doing fine and once the stadium debt is gone, will be running at a much larger.. much more sustainable profit than relying on the desires of some Russian who wants to try to make his wang bigger than Abramovich’s.

  21. The Oracle – Do you really think Usmanov does, that he is a loyal Arsenal guy?

    Kroenke is at least a *sports businessman* who doesn’t stick his nose, fingers and whatever else into the daily running of his franchises.

    Arsenal would become part of his ‘portfolio’.
    Usmanov wants it as a toy, and as we’ve seen in the media, he sure as heck won’t mind telling Wenger what to do and who to buy and how to run the team.
    Then goodbye Wenger, he’ll be at Real Madrid or managing the French team.

    If I had to pick, I’d pick the sports guy, who .. at the least.. wants to keep the team profitable (ie – successful) so he can sell it later.

  22. BilligenGooner, Hicks and Gillette are sports guys and they’ve run liverpool aground with debt, not a good idea to let kroenke, who isn’t near as wealthy as Usmanov, do the same to us. Kroenke will have to borrow enormously to buy the club, Usmanov wouldn’t have to(but he might anyway). Why bother fighting to get out of debt only to have to deal with a manu or pool situation as we would with kroenke? Financially speaking kroenke is clearly the worst case.

  23. Isn’t Mike Ashley a ‘sports guy’ as well?

  24. We had a substantial amount money available in this last transfer window, through the sale of unwanted players to Man City but Arsene decided that he didn’t need to spend it. (and i think he knows more about football, his team, and the financial situation at Arsenal than any of us).

    So… how is this suggested rights issue from some dodgy russian geezer going to improve the squad, when the manager doesn’t feel a need to spend?

    The vast majority of us fans don’t want it, neither does the manager, obviously.
    Stop trying to rock the boat, jackass

  25. erm… for those who think Usmanov is a lot richer than Kroenke… Kroenke is worth about £2.5bn, plus his wife is heir to Wal-mart… christ only knows how much she is worth.

    Usmanov really is the devil in disguise… and not a very good disguise. If you are aware of his history you would be appalled at the idea of such a man in charge at Arsenal, if you’re not aware try searching around, though his ‘legal team’ have done a pretty good bullying job on getting stuff removed.

  26. mr ole when was the last board realy invested in the team except collecting some toy boys. that means another four or five years with out a trophy may be even more if the club is run by the current board members. as far as the yank is concerned even though he has a history linked with sports but he is not a winner none of his owned clubs are good enough none of them are champions that means he is a bussiness man and thats a fact. if they were to invest any money in the team they should’ve before the transfer window closed but they didnt when there were obvious vacancies in the team even wenger cant deny that..

  27. Dear Arsenaltillyoudie……
    None of the the 3 players you mention are good enough to secure a regular slot in Arsenal’s team. Arsenal already have fringe players as good as them now and these young guns will be miles better soon- provided they get pitch experience. If you don’t come up with a gen world class player ( an Arshevin for example) forget it. Bendy, Rambo, Dudu and Vela, for example, arealready scoring international goals. Why bother with makeweights?

  28. Its about time the Arsenal board started to think of the fans and not themselves. They sit and count the money then it seems to disapear. Funny that ,isnt it!. We want the club run as a club for the supporters.

    Come on Usmanov , take over and run it like club again.

  29. you are a fucking moron i am now totally convinced that most of wht u put up is bs. how do u know that kronke doesnt want to buy and is jus in to sell his shares for profits. i wouldnt waste anymore time on u

  30. zero responses from Arsenaltilidie …… I wonder why???

  31. if we will close our eyes – russians will buy all USA. No need of wars, competitions

  32. I disagree that Kroenke is looking to flip his stake for a quick profit. He has a history of sticking with his sports franchises and I would be very surprised if he resold to Usmanov…barring any kind of ridiculous offer of 50k a share or something of course.

    As for the rights offer I would again disagree that it was a move on Usmanov’s part to pay down the club’s debt for the sake of the club. It was more of a clever way to increase ownership in the club in a cheaper fashion than having to accumulate shares off each owner.

    I am not saying that Usmanov has bad intentions at heart for Arsenal or would run it poorly, it’s just as likely that he loves the club and would run it magnificently. But his offer to pay down the debt should be viewed as what it is a strategic move to increase his ownership stake for a better price.

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