Why Does Cascarino Hate Arsenal?

If there is one person who will always have a rant at Arsenal its Tony Cascarino.  The former Chelsea striker is the first one to jump on the bash Arsenal band-wagon.  It is his job, but with Cascarino it is always one way traffic.


When we sold Adebayor and Toure, Cascarino was the first to jump on the anti-Arsenal bandwagon.  As soon as UEFA banned Eduardo Cascarino commends UEFA and says Arsenal’s appeal is meaningless and our defence is futile.  Yet some esteemed journalists who are real journalists and can actually string a sentence together of their own free will like Patrick Barclay are outraged at the Eduardo ban.


Following the end of the transfer market and Arsenal’s failure to buy any other players other than Vermaelen, Cascarino laid into Arsenal.

“The problem for Wenger is that he continues to sign potential over proven talent so you have to expect these young players will make mistakes from time to time.”

“The team is crying out for more experienced talent to guide the youngsters through matches like the one at Old Trafford as there’s no doubting the technical quality within the side.”

The problem with Cascarino is he cannot wait to lay into Arsenal.  He does not talk about Liverpool or Manchester United’s transfer policy, just Arsenal.  He is anti-Arsenal and all Arsenal fans should blank his writings or better still inundate his email box until he starts to give a balanced view on Arsenal.

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  1. Oh.. I slept with his mother once. She said Tony hated Arsenal because he begged to go there but nobody wanted him. 😉

  2. Don’t you know? We’re the new Milwall, no one likes us we don’t care, we are arsenal, super arsenal, no one likes us we dont care…….

  3. He’s very negative about us. I dislike him.

  4. Cascarino is full of shite..he hasnt a clue about any players apart from clips he sees on utube and then he bangs on like he actully knows what he is talking about…….its simply people he is a fool and one ugly one at that

  5. This chap is nothing but a sore whinger..’mcybe he knows 2 much about IDEALLY NOTHING !!!!! but do we need one c@#t to love us ??? we are far too many for him to make us feel anything he says is of any use to us…. WE DONT CARE WE LOVE WALKING THIS ROAD… GO HANG URSELF WE LOVE ARSENAL… & U DONT CARRY ANY WEIGHT WORTH .

  6. If a pundit can’t understand what is happening at Arsenal he will be scathing and moan endlessly about signing ‘experience’ (very few give suggestions you will note). If he has sussed the ‘experiment’ out he obviously won’t. But don’t forget most pundits are British and are scared not to lick British manager’s arses (guess who). AW is an easy xenophobic target for pundits with a low IQ. Cascarino is probably not allowed out on his own on a bus. They all love to watch Arsenal. Even the jealous do. Ignore.

  7. Wat gets to me is the people that still give him time on air??i mean seriously lets have some objective here.
    He is probably always given air time coz of the ratings anyone syas anything bad bout Arsenal evryone wants to hear and so the best way for SSN to get rating [after flopping big time on transfer deadline day] is to stick “dat Gimp Cascarino” on air
    Wat a load of tosh


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