This is Merida’s Season to Shine

When Arsene decided not to re-enforce his midfield one of the reasons was the progress made by Arsenal’s other Spanish youngster Fran Merida.  Arsenal fans and coaches have been waiting for the youngster to make that final leap to the first team squad, with some coaches believing that he has the ability to be a better player than Cesc.

Fran has been rewarded with a first team squad number and came on for 20 minutes against Portsmouth.  Merida was the star of the show creating chance after chance in the recent 4-0 reserve drubbing of Birmingham.

Merida knows he has not made it yet and in an interview to on Tuesday he showed both how excited he is at the prospect of being a first –team squad member but he also acknowledged that he has more work to do before he can claim a regular place.

“When Pat Rice told me I was moving into the first-team dressing room it was a great moment,” the Spaniard told after starring in the Reserves’ victory over Birmingham on Tuesday night.

“Of course I was always confident, if I thought ‘I can’t do this’ then there’s no point. I always believed I could do it and now I am part of this fantastic team with great players.

“I am very pleased, very happy because it has been three or four seasons. You have to stay patient, I always was and I know I am there now.

“I am just going to work even harder to get my chance. I know the players will help me so I’m looking forward to a fantastic season.”

Fran will play a big part this season in our midfield and perhaps then fans will realise why Wenger believed that he had sufficient players to provide cover in central midfield.

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  1. fran merida is a great talent, lets just hope he steps to the plate and takes his opportunities when he does get them. he’ll probably get lot of opportunities this season.

  2. really……he’s gonna come out shinning like a STAR up in da sky 4 all 2c. sure, his time has come.

  3. Thoroughly agree. Hes going to be a great player. Over the next couple of seasons I think he will force his way into the side.

  4. He has no chance this season. Apart from in teh Carling Crap Cup.

    And we will lose to WBA. So he will not be playing too much.


    I thrust my coach,I believe fran will become a better player than cecs.

  6. That is the work of a cunning Frenchman. He knows that Cesc is nearing a point where he starts hankering to go back home: induced by Barcelonas tappings or just desire to go back to his homeland.
    Then, Fran Merida refinement becomes something urgent.

    This seasonhe will pit his wits against the old foxes in tyhe premiership. Then he will show us whether he is all talks and no trouser. Should he show style and substance then I bet you some of my last coins that Wenger will first tell Barca to go away when they return with requests. After thinking it through then ask them £70m- in cash which they may negotiate down to £60m. Then Merida would be newest beautiful young thing. Half of that can bring in a few Brazilian youngsters to continue the tradition.

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