No New Faces But We Can Still Be Champions

The window has shut and once again Arsenal fans are left scratching their heads.  Where has our team re-building gone, were we really that close to success last season that we did not need to add to our squad?

Arsene said, after the purchase of Vermaelen that he would like two more players in before pre-season training starts.  He then intimated that once Adebayor leaves, then Chamakh is a target.

 Rumours and stories had us link with Hangeland, Chamakh, Melo, van der Vaart and Matuidi.  In the end we did not buy anyone.  Some stories state we were not prepared to pay the extra £7million to secure both Chamakh and Matuidi.  We had offered £5million for Chamakh and £6million for Matuidi, their clubs wanted £10million and £8million respectively.    If this is true this is very short-sighted on the club’s part.

 If Arsene thought two players would have made the difference to the squad, then £7million is nothing when you consider that we sold Toure and Adebayor for £40million and only invested £10million in Vermaelen, there is still £30million in the coffers.

 At the end of the day no matter what we read or hear, Arsene is the boss when it comes to the transfers at Arsenal, he is given a budget and supplements it with sales and he decides the value of players not the board.  Arsene has opted not increase the bids for Chamakh and Matuidi not the board.

 It appears that Arsene is convinced that the squad is right, he believes that the players have matured and learnt from the last two years and with a bit tweaking in terms of tactic the current squad is capable of brining the elusive silverware to the Emirates.

 The key to success this season are injuries.  We need to keep key players fit or try to avoid injuries to key players at the same time. The start has been promising and we have the personnel to challenge this season.  There will be countless knockers this season claiming we are one dimensional, the squad is too thin and too young; but look at how we have started and this gives me cause to be confident.

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  1. i agree with you.. the key is injuries. however how many time must our title aspiration hinge on injuries. if we had brought in 2 more players…it would’ve given us strength in depth, so that when the like of fabs and vp are out, we can cope. i don’t see us doing that this season. compare our squad to the likes of chelsea and u will see that we needed additions. i for one am gutted cos this could;ve been our season. it still can be, but it rests on injuries…something which isn’t in our hands. time shall tell.

  2. We can and will succeed this year in winning some silverware. But the players MUST STAY FIT! That is our only undoing. With powerhouse players such as: Cesc, RVP, Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott, and Eduardo we should not FAIL! Fitness and injuries are key to our season this year as well as Arsene brining in 1-2 players in the Jan. transfer window (which he will do-guaranteed). If the boys can stay fit then all of Europe is ours for the taking. Pray and believe for a healthy year for our Gunners.


  3. yuo are dreming fo this squad no silverware

  4. Arsene is convinced that the squad is right. Just like he was convinced last year and the year before that and the year before that. On every single occasion he was wrong and those who advocated strengthening the squad were right.

    This year an obvious problem is going to be losing Song to the African cup. Another obvious problem is the weakness at the centre back position where we only have two first team players. If either Vermaelen or Gallas are injured or suspended we will be significantly weakened. Arsene should have made provision for these problems now instead of burying his head in the sand and hoping that it will all work out all right. It hasn’t in the past.

    I feel like the fan of a boxer whose manager has tied one hand behind his back. The manager asks us to support the boxer who he is sure has sufficient quality to defeat all opponents one handed. We can either throw our support behind our boxer hoping that he will indeed be able to win one handed or we can try to prevail upon the manager to untie his hand. I know which camp I’m in.

  5. Dont forget we added Senderos to d squard yesterday.At least it gives us a gud cover in central defence and maybe defensive midfield(he ws use there during pre season).This sqard should b enough to keep us in d top 2 b4 january.Keep d faith.In Arsene i trust.Gunners 4 ever.

  6. The opening article suggests that the extent of injuries later on will determine if Arsenal can win something. Gunner4lyf concludes the same and predicts that Arsenal will bring in new talent in January. I am in agreement with both assertions. However I disagree with a lot of Arsenal fans when I think Wenger has acted correctly in not signing anyone. Why? Because unless the squad is decimated with 5 to 6 long term injuries in midfield or forward. Arsenal have a number of versatile players who can play in both departments that are not currently being selected, or not yet back from injury! No use having players in the squad unless they are used. Wenger could have signed someone, but of what was available on the market, the squad already has in abundance! Van der Vaart would have been a bargain but with Walcott, Rosicky and Nasri coming back, where would he play? Sure, Ihnler/Matuidi/Veloso would have been great. However when you consider that Diaby prefers center midfield, so does Fabregas, Denilson, and Song, even Arshavin. Who would Wenger leave out? A big injury list is a real possibility always, very true! But unless someone becomes available who brings a new dimension to the team (like Arshavin did). I am not so sure Wenger has got it wrong in staying out of the transfer market this time round! The anchor/defensive midfield spot is debated a lot. Where would Song and/or Denilson play if a big money player came in to fill that role?
    Interested in fellow Gunners views on this.

  7. Jabir.. Learn to spell then post! Tard

  8. God will save us, i just hopes we focuses on Fa and Carling Cup these season and also CL place. i think it will do.

  9. The current squad has no chance of winning anything.The worst thing that could have happened to us was that opening day win against 10 man everton because lescott was only there in spirit,and if you can’t beat the likes of portsmouth at home you should forget it.Look at the injury situation already its going from bad to worse … rosicky,fabregas,arshavin,nasri,wallcott all possible first team players i’m not renewing my ticket next season i can make that prediction right now !

  10. We have a lot more depth than Man U and in particular Liverpool

    Liverpool have one class striker, Torres and two class midfielders, Gerrard and Aqualani.

    If Gerrard or Torres gets injured they are in big trouble. Their second string midfield includes Lucas – an average player at best.

    If Fabregas gets injured, we have Rosicky, Nasri, Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby to replace him.

    If RvP gets injured we have Eduardo and Bendtner to cover. Admittedly I would have liked Chamakh to bolster that part of our team.

  11. Stop deceiving yourselves Arsenal fans. I thought you should be able to tell yourselves the TRUTH. For the past 3 season it’s injuries all the way. This season we have started again with good number first team players injured yet Wenger is confident. And did not add any player when the money is even more than enough to buy. WENGER is a BUSINESS MAN he is not in for trophy!!! he is there to enrich their pockets and living fans scratching their heads everyseason. Arsenal cannot win anything with Arshavin, Fabregas, Walcott, Nasri, Rosicky injured. We can only do something without injuries, but then how sure are you?

  12. Arsene is convinced that the squad is right.Cesc, RVP, Arshavin, Rosicky, Nasri, Walcott, and Eduardo we should not FAIL! Dont forget we added Senderos to d squard yesterday.
    Hop we can success with current squard..!!

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