Vieira to Return?

Reports in The Guardian and Daily Mail are saying that Arsenal will finally sign Blaise Matuidi from St Etienne and possibly bring back Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira.

 Matuidi is young at 22, but so what, Vieira was younger when he became a regular at Arsenal and Manchester United will be relying upon Anderson in midfield this season.  Age does not matter so long as the player has the ability to protect the defence and cause mayhem.  We have been searching for the new Vieira and have not found him, perhaps Matuidi, who could cost in the region of £6m, will fill that void.

 In case Matuidi needs a year or so there is always Vieira! The rumour that was started by Arsenal legend Ian Wright, that Patrick Vieira will join us on a pay as you play basis.  This will be a real back to the future move by Arsene, Vieira is clearly past his best and will be a bit part player, but he will bring experience to the dressing room.  He will bring a calming influence.

 Both of these signings will add some steel to the midfield and could see the departure of Silvestre whilst Song is moved to centre-back to add some pace to our defence.

This business will be typical Arsene Wenger, bring in nearly £50million in sales and spend less than £15million, this man should be in charge or sorting out the world financial crisis!

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  1. If we bought Huntelaar, Matuidi and Viera then i wouldbe happy. Hangeland would be good as well but those 3 would be fantastic.

  2. Even with us handing over £ 20 mill form transfers for the so called Mortgage payment on the stadium there is still likely to be around £ 30 mill left over….Why the fuck are we going to reinvest in players that are not going to be up to scratch….Chamamk ?????? The record speaks for itself ! His goalscoring record is as shit as Adebaywhore – Viera what a player in his day ! What a load of shit now though….Wenger and the board are off their heads – I dont see how the squad can be strong enough – we werent last year and we have just got rid of 2 and maybe 1 more or even 2 more to follow….Get real and buy players that are proven and are going to able to help the team, not hinder our so called development…

    A completley FUCKED OFF Gunner…
    Ps : I dont give a fuck if any of you slate me for my comments – your just a blind as the manager and board…..

  3. Seeing as you don’t mind being slated carl here goes…

    You’re a tit.

    Go support man shitty

  4. Vieira…….no transfer fee, pay per game, massive experience. What a contribution waiting to happen

  5. @carl: get a life man! i think ur mind a lil fucked up~

  6. Its interesting to see this

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