Is Wenger Going To £30m on One Player?

One of the main stories doing the rounds is a £30m bid; yes read it again a £30m bid for Roma’s central midfielder Daniele di Rossi.

Where did all this speculation come from?  Well a couple of days ago an eagle eye blogger spotted that Daniele di Rossi was being shown as an Arsenal player on Wikipedia.  Well that is no great source as anyone with an account can alter Wikipedia.  On the same day reported that di Rossi had appeared as an Arsenal player with the number 13 shirt.  A similar thing happened last season with Nasri.  Needless to say the website was quickly changed.

Today several sources are stating that di Rossi is Wenger’s number one target and that Roma will sell him as they have financial difficulties.  What does not stack up is that Roma will want around £25m and I cannot see Wenger spending that on once player, especially if he can buy say Matuidi for £6m-£8m.

Is this a classic hoax created by a few bloggers, similar to the one started two season ago when The Sun reported that Arsenal were about to sign Rodrigo Palacios from Boca Juniors.

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  1. Spanish Breakfast

    Downing Swinging is a bag of shite. De Rossi’s name beside a photo of Henri Lansbury…and they consider themselves Gooners. I feel sorry for them.

  2. Well said, there is no way this will ever happen…..especially when Wenger can get Huntelaar (16mill) & Hangeland (11mill) for the same sort of money.

  3. in 3 words NOT A CHANCE wenger wouldnt spend 0ver £20m on a player no chance of him spending £30m


  5. Why would Wenger buy Aaron Ramsey last season to but De Rossi this? Unless you think he is going to sell Ramsey?Or perhaps Cesc is on his way out??

  6. Mr Wenger can u give me 5000, I wanted to buy a car hehehehe..

  7. What about if he gives them Eboue and Senderos with about 7-8 million pounds for his services!!!! U never know in football. Anything can happen. Let us just wait and see what Wenger is up to. If he is not gooner sign anybody by know he will have come out straight..

    In Arsene I trust!!!

  8. Wenger is losing it

  9. what a load of bull!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. No chance of it. If it happens in any case it will be a biggest mistake ever from wenger. I suggest lose him and take the other two,s.

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